Cover Reveal: The Keep of Ages

We have a cover for The Keep of Ages (Vault of Dreamers 3)!  I am so thrilled with the striking design. Beth Clark did an amazing job. This cover captures the mood of the story and creates a perfect visual with the first two novels, which were both leading up to this moment in Rosie’s story. Yay! The book feels so real to me now, and I’m eager to wrap up revisions. It’s due out July 11, 2017!


Rule of Mirrors Cover

We have a cover!


We don’t have a proper description yet, but this is the sequel to The Vault of Dreamers, and it’s coming out February 16, 2016.  Thanks again to Elizabeth Clark, Associate Art Director at Macmillan, for the cover design.

The Eye Behind the Cover

Elizabeth Clark, Caragh O'Brien, and Kate Jacobs in Beth's office, July 8, 2014

Elizabeth Clark, Caragh O’Brien, and Kate Jacobs in Beth’s office, July 8, 2014

Covers matter, obviously. A good one catches people’s attention, intrigues them enough to take a closer look, and then lures them inside. Getting it right takes knowing the novel, of course, but it also involves a bit of mind reading. Who are the likely readers for this book? Maybe they’re drawn to covers featuring a girl in a flowing dress, or a simple, iconic image. Maybe they want something familiar, or they’re ready for a change. Certainly… Continue reading

Q. How Did You Get the Idea for The Vault of Dreamers?


The cover for The Vault of Dreamers will be revealed on Goodreads later this week!

A. When I started thinking about a new novel to write after Birthmarked, I was playing with the idea of an arts school for wildly talented, creative people. I was also fascinated by the way popular shows like American Idol tap into our deep-seated dreams of Cinderella-style fame and fortune, where an unappreciated talent can transform someone’s life overnight if that person just gets a chance in front of the cameras. In a more… Continue reading

They Match!

For those of us who like things to match in a tidy way, the three paperbacks of the Birthmarked trilogy all have related covers.


And now back to work on Project Next.

A New Cover for Promised in the UK!

Promised (Birthmarked #3) will be released as an ebook in the UK on Thursday, February 7th, and Simon & Schuster Children’s Books UK has come up with a third cover to complete the series.  Isn’t this striking and mysterious?  The copy reads: “When the cost of the freedom of others is your own future, would you pay the ultimate price?”  Put that way, it sounds heart-wrenchingly difficult.  It fascinates me to see what elements are distilled out of a story to be highlighted on… Continue reading