Reach for the Impossible

Landscape Arch, Arches National Park, May 2016.

Landscape Arch, Arches National Park, May 2016.

Just a reminder: reach for the impossible.

The once impossible already surrounds us. So many conveniences that we take for granted in our lives today (highway systems, ibuprofen, cell phones) exist because people before us had vision.

For more inspiration, there’s nature. Think of what bees can do to pollen, or time can do to stone.

Claim the impossible in your art. Write your novel, bit by bit. Compose your opera. Take up knitting or a ukulele.

Make your impossible community. Invite a… Continue reading

Books Are Art

At the Guggenheim, 2015

The Storylines Exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum, 2015

Books are literally art in one piece at the Guggenheim. The best novels change us and the way we see the world, like the best art does.  I’ve been thinking about Doerr’s All The Light We Cannot See, which is art in many ways, from Doerr’s descriptions and rich characters, to the lovelydoerr way the white space occupies the pages and sets off the chapters, giving me a chance to take a fresh breath before I plunge on.… Continue reading

Stitches in a Vast Room

IMG_3244 - Version 2A man sits in a vast room, working a sewing machine, creating a piece of a sculpture that defies sense and gravity. Time doesn’t matter in this place, if it matters anywhere. He merely works, guiding the fabric through the needle’s bite, while the light falls in around him, and the noise of his machine makes perfect silence.

My brilliant, patient editor has given me an extension on The Rule of Mirrors. It’s a gift that can’t be measured. I’m happy to report that we have no firm… Continue reading