Dream Season

Every night lately, I wake from dreams. In one, I flew over a cliff of falling water as wide as half a planet. Once a lady with a red lantern floated up with a silver balloon into an evening sky of planes and missed her ride. Last night, I sank in a collapsing hole of sand before strangers pulled me free.

The dreams linger into my daylight and hover at the edge of my imagination as if expecting me to do something with them. I have no idea what that… Continue reading

Dream Things True

RoMBlogTourIn the spirit of dreams, here’s one of my favorite passages from Bill Shakespeare:

Romeo: I dreamt a dream tonight.

Mercutio: And so did I.

Romeo: Well, what was yours?

Mercutio: That dreamers often lie.

Romeo: In bed asleep, while they do dream things true.

(Romeo and Juliet, 1, 4, 50-52)

ADreamWithinI like the double-meaning of “lie” (recline/fib),  and Romeo’s assertion that we can dream the truth. Fittingly, the Rule of Mirrors Blog Tour stops today at A Dream Within A Dream for an interview and a… Continue reading

What’s Your Dream?

dream2I once asked my students what their dreams were for their futures. We were contemplating how the American Dream crosses through different works in American Literature (Gatsby: the green light, Of Mice and Men: rabbits/a farm, Streetcar Named Desire: safety/desire, Frederick Douglass: freedoms), and we realized how central dreaming was to us as individuals, quite aside from specific desires for nice cars, independence from parents, or saving the world. Dreaming lights us up inside and give us something to go for. It helps us feel… Continue reading

Q. Did You Do a Lot of Research about Dreams for The Vault of Dreamers?

A. Like many other people, I’m pretty fascinated by dreams.  I feel like we escape into private madness every night, and at the same time, our dream states are vital to our health and well-being once we’re awake again.  I love the fleeting, tantalizing glimpse of a dream I have on waking, and I wish I could remember my dreams more.

Salvador Dali, Apparition of the Face of Aphrodite

Salvador Dali, Apparition of the Face of Aphrodite

So researching about dreams for The Vault of Dreamers was a real pleasure, and it led me to… Continue reading