Rule of Mirrors Cover

We have a cover!


We don’t have a proper description yet, but this is the sequel to The Vault of Dreamers, and it’s coming out February 16, 2016.  Thanks again to Elizabeth Clark, Associate Art Director at Macmillan, for the cover design.

7 Responses to Rule of Mirrors Cover

  • I love the cover can’t wait to read this next book!

  • I just finished The Vault of Dreamers again and I absolutely cannot wait until the next book!

  • Emily~ Thank you! I hope you’ll enjoy it!
    Morgan ~ I’m so glad you’re excited. Thanks!
    All best,

  • Love the cover design! Vault of Dreamers was a great book. I found an Advance Readers Copy of it at the Book Barn (a local used book store) and was so excited I jumped for joy. I even wrote a review for it on my classroom blog! Thanks for writing such interesting stories. I can’t wait to get my hands on The Rule of Mirrors!

  • Stacie ~ Thank you! You’re so nice. I’m delighted to know you enjoyed Rosie’s story so much! That’s cool about you reviewing it for your classroom blog. I hope the next book meets your expectations. I’ll try my best with it.
    All best,

  • OMG!!! I DONT HAVE WORDS!!! I have been waiting like months to hear about the next book!!!! We have a cover and a date!! I’m so excited for this next book!!! Thank you for writing you are amazing!!!

  • Elizabeth ~ Thank you! You are so nice! I’ll post about the description shortly.

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