Ari & Milo on Wattpad ~ So Worth It

When I started posting my novel Ari & Milo as a serial on Wattpad, I wasn’t sure what would happen. It was an experiment. I didn’t know if readers would find it, or if I could keep up with doing a new drawing every day, or how I would feel about putting up my work for free.

It turned out to be a really nice experience in so many ways.

Ari & Milo: the first cover

First, I’d always wanted to design a cover for one of my books,… Continue reading

Ari & Milo Unfolds on Wattpad

Trees in rows lead to a fountain.

From Ari & Milo, Chapter 5: The Cathedral Forest

I’m happy to report that Ari & Milo, my serial YA novel, is now unfolding at Wattpad. I’ve been putting up chapters for a week, aiming for around 2,000 words each and trying to end on mini cliff hangers. It is a fun, fresh way to get my work into the world, and I’ve been delighted to reconnect with some readers I’ve known from my earlier works.

Since Wattpad allows images and videos to be included with chapters, this… Continue reading

Taking a Chance on Ari & Milo

I’ve written a novel that I love. I believe it works best in serial format, and I want to get it directly to readers, (readers who are young but not too young), for free, on their phones. So I’m putting it up on Wattpad, starting today.

I believe in trying experiments where I don’t know the outcome, and this story is so special to me that I’m willing to take risks. For instance, my novel could easily be lost in the noise of other stories. Posting it could take… Continue reading