A New Cover for Promised in the UK!

Promised (Birthmarked #3) will be released as an ebook in the UK on Thursday, February 7th, and Simon & Schuster Children’s Books UK has come up with a third cover to complete the series.  Isn’t this striking and mysterious?  The copy reads: “When the cost of the freedom of others is your own future, would you pay the ultimate price?”  Put that way, it sounds heart-wrenchingly difficult.  It fascinates me to see what elements are distilled out of a story to be highlighted on the cover, and I have to admit, that dilemma sits at the crux of the novel.

PROMISED.UKcoverforBlogEver since I saw the second cover (for Prized), with the woman’s face in an evocative, three-quarters turn, I hoped we would see her complete her pivot from profile to full face forward for the third book, and that’s what has happened.  It’s so cool to think that Nick Stearn, the cover artist, foresaw this effect years ago, back when he designed the first cover for Birthmarked.  I like to think he did it to please me, too.  I managed to blurt out once when I met him in London that I hoped the third book would resolve this way.  Our latest Twitter correspondence confirms that he remembered.

Covers.UK.forBlogMyself, I find cover art fascinating, especially when it evolves over a series.  I’m delighted with the full set of UK covers.

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  • The cover is gorgeous. I just wish they were publishing it in paperback. I am a stickler for these things. All my books have to be the same. All paperback or all hardback and the covers have to be the same. You should have seen me when the UK decided to change the covers for Divergent after the first book. Of course, I didn’t like the UK ones so decided to re-buy them in hardback. LOL So while I have the Australian two books, I am debating on what to do for the 3rd. So you see my delimma.

    Maybe I’ll just buy all the hardbacks..

    Maybe they’ll reconsider and publish the 3rd?

    But never the less, the cover is gorgeous and it fits with the previous two.

  • Jen ~
    I know just what you mean. I find pleasure in having a matching set, too. S&S Kids UK can always decide to do a print version of book 3 if they find a demand for it, so I never say never. As far as I know, the only set of my books in English that will have matching covers and formats will be the paperback American version once the third paperback comes out in the fall. That will be a fun day for my bookshelf.
    All best,

  • I just came across your blog to maybe find some information on the UK edition because (I don’t know if you remember an even if not I can’t blame you) I asked you on Twitter last year if there will be UK-edition bc I wanted the books to fit together. And I said that I’d buy the eBook anyway and just wait… which I did. And now I see this beautiful Cover and read that I will probably never have it in my shelf 🙁 This is just sad and I really don’t understand why they won’t publish it. This series is one of the best I read and it’s not okay that so many people still haven’t read it. I will keep recommending it but now I have to tell my friends to get the German edition if they want to have fitting Covers…

    I know you can’t do anything about it. I’m just sad.

  • Yvonne ~
    Thanks for your continued interest in the UK edition. I’ve heard from many readers who are disappointed that no print copy will be forthcoming, so you’re not alone. Publishing is a quirky business, and I imagine there were sound financial reasons for not taking the third book to print. I’m happy S&S UK Childrens bought it at all–it was touch and go for a bit there. And the cover really is delicious.
    All best,

  • So the version with this cover isn’t being published? But they published the first 2. I can’t stand it when I have books where the covers don’t match!

  • Jodie ~
    The version with this cover is not being published as a physical book, with print on a paper page. It is, however, being published as an ebook.
    I know what you mean about books where the covers don’t match. It is enough to make one howl and gnash teeth.
    All best,

  • I am looking at this in 2023 and still wishing there was a paperback version of this cover out there.

  • I am looking at this in 2023 still wishing this cover was in paperback version to match my other two.

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