Spotlight on Leon

One of my favorite and most frustrating scenes to write happened when Leon was having a fight with Gaia.  This scene drove me mad, mainly because I could not get Leon to talk. He was so brittle and enraged that he refused to speak to Gaia, which meant he refused to speak to me, too.  He actually walked away from me when the scene opened, which was my first surprise.  I knew we were in trouble.  As I tried to advance the scene forward, physically walking… Continue reading

Detention: Leon at Twelve

The following is a bit story about a character from the world of Birthmarked.

Rita tapped on the schoolroom window and Leon looked up.  She waved to beckon him out, frowning.  “Come on,” she was saying clearly.

He shook his head, but a moment later she poked her head in the doorway.  Leon was alone at his desk in the back, rewriting the words he’d spelled wrong that morning: Attached, barrel, embarrass, necessary, thorough, tomorrow, wrong.

“You’ll miss the race,” Rita said.

“I can’t come. Not until… Continue reading

Leon at Eleven, Continued

(This is the continuation of the story that began September 17th, one post below.)

The cook was frowning at him now.  “How’d you get that?”

“It was an accident,” Leon said.  “Come on, Fiona.  We should go.”

“No, have a seat,” said the cook.  “I could use some help, actually.”

“What with?” Fiona asked.

The cook held up a strange tool with a handle and a curved, dull blade that circled around on itself in a wheel.  He passed it to Fiona.  “See… Continue reading

Leon at Eleven

(Here’s a bit story about a character from Birthmarked when he was a kid.)

He felt the moment she crawled onto the end of his bed.

“Leon?” Fiona whispered.  “Can I sleep with

Leon rubbed his face before he remembered his sore lip, and the pain brought him fully awake.  He squinted through the darkness at his stepsister and pulled his feet up to make more room for her.

“Did you have a nightmare or something?” Leon asked.

She nodded.  “Your real father… Continue reading