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Surrounded by Lives

Visiting New York always jolts me. I become super conscious of all the lives unfolding around me, and though they’re all different from mine, I feel a universality with my fellow people. After all, many of us are focusing on the same basic goals: staying alive, protecting our families, celebrating milestones, earning a living, building community, and saving the world.  “Sonder” from John Koenig’s The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows captures this awareness of other lives well, and one can’t help letting the imagination wander.

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Cover Reveal: The Keep of Ages

We have a cover for The Keep of Ages (Vault of Dreamers 3)!  I am so thrilled with the striking design. Beth Clark did an amazing job. This cover captures the mood of the story and creates a perfect visual with the first two novels, which were both leading up to this moment in Rosie’s story. Yay! The book feels so real to me now, and I’m eager to wrap up revisions. It’s due out July 11, 2017!


Tour Stops in Twilight, Nook, and Neverland

OnceUponThe Rule of Mirrors Blog Tour has made it to Once Upon A Twilight with a playlist for The Rule of Mirrors, complete with songs I listened to while I was writing and others that go with the theme, characters, and moods of the novel.  Leydy did a fabulous job finding links to play each song, so listening to the sequence is an experience in itself.  I especially like the Joplin, which never sounds as good when I try to play it myself.

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Where to Start a Series?

RoMBlogTourIt’s great when a reader asks me where to begin reading a series because it implies an openness to jumping into a world midstream, so to speak. In the case of the Vault of Dreamers series, I suspect readers would get more of a kick out of it if they start with the first book, so that’s what I recommend, but if someone first encounters Book 2 (The Rule of Mirrors), he or she could certainly enter the story with the characters at that point and understand what’s… Continue reading

The Forge Clock Tower

The Clock Tower in Jaffa, Isreal.

The Clock Tower in Jaffa, Isreal.

One of my favorite places in The Vault of Dreamers is the clock tower, an old, round, stone building in the middle of the Forge School campus. Stepping inside it with Rosie instantly takes me to another world. Naturally, I couldn’t help returning to the clock tower in The Rule of Mirrors. It can be powerful in a sequel to return to familiar places, especially if they evoke bad memories or bring back warm feelings.  For me, the clock tower does both.… Continue reading