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I’m a writer, meaning I write every weekday and sometimes on weekends. I work on novels which tend to take a while to create. My latest first draft took 5 months to write, but before that, it took decades to figure out how to write a book. And will I ever publish my latest one? I don’t know. That doesn’t really matter.

Here’s what I want to say. I’m just one writer, and my truth may not apply to anyone else, but I’m going to keep on writing novels. I like doing it. It makes me happy. When I find just the right wording for a thought or description, I feel this deep satisfaction, and when a whole novel of those right words comes together, I’m like, yeah. That’s it. That’s me. That’s what I can do. 

My writing has the potential to connect with other people through publication, but even when it doesn’t, it enriches my life and makes me a more thoughtful, considerate person.

I’m not sure if you read my blog because we’re friends in real life, or you’re a fellow writer, or you’ve liked one of my young adult novels, but in any case, I’d like to encourage you to focus on your art. I think that’s the way to make a kinder community. Art can be small. It can exist in a moment. It can be taking a chance to smile at a stranger.

4 Responses to Keeping It Real

  • I love all of this. Thank you.

  • Stephanie, I know you understand. Thanks!

  • I didn’t begin writing until my late fifties–didn’t know if I could or should! My first YA did get published by a small press that didn’t require an agent. Each subsequent attempt failed, but I kept at it, just because I loved it! So, I totally agree that publishing doesn’t matter–although I have self-published one book and have another coming out in the fall. At present I am challenging myself with a middle-grade novel. I have this quote by Anne Lamont on my whiteboard: “I still encourage anyone who feels at all compelled to write to do so…The act of writing turns out to be its own reward.” Thank you for your books and for sharing your wise thoughts.

  • Carole, You understand exactly what I’m trying to say! I’m glad to know you take similar satisfaction from your own writing and that you’re exploring writing a MG novel. I tried that, too, enjoying the process. And like you, I find that age has nothing to do with where we are when we begin or keep going. Now is when we’re alive, and now is the time to write. Thanks for commenting!
    All best,

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