Wrapping up The Vault of Dreamers


First Pass Pages of The Vault of Dreamers

I reached another milestone today when I finished going over the first pass pages for The Vault of Dreamers.  First pass pages are printed on paper and show how the manuscript is laid out on the page, with full margins and the real font that will be used in the finished book.  The pile of pages looks dauntingly fat, but that’s because it’s printed on only one side of the paper.  The final book of 400+ double-sided pages will be smaller.

After all the drafts of The Vault of Dreamers that I’ve seen on the computer, you’d think I would be familiar with the book by now, but the story reads differently to me when I’m seeing it on paper.  The pace is faster.  By the end, I was racing through, and I had to deliberately stop myself to go back and read carefully.  This was really my last chance to catch anything I wanted to change, and I didn’t want to miss something, like when I accidentally changed a minor character’s name.  That was a goof.  I had a few paragraphs I needed to strike, some repeating lines of dialogue to cut, and some missing words to add.  The last line needed tinkering again.  Most of the book was clean, though.

It’s exciting to be at this point.  After I finished writing my changes in the margins, I took the first pass pages down to Staples, made a copy, and mailed them back to my editor, Kate Jacobs.  She and a proofreader are going through the first pass pages, too.  We’ll have a chance to discuss any lingering snags next week, but we are within inches of finishing off this book once and for all.

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