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This weekend, I finished going over the 2nd Pass Pages of The Keep of Ages and sent them back to my editor. I thought I’d just be reading through the novel in its final perfect form, but I still found things that needed changing, and not just switching “west” to “south” and such. I few lines of dialogue needed finessing, and a distant relative in Calgary who remained as a mention from an earlier draft needed cutting. I don’t know if anyone else would ever notice such tiny things, but it makes me feel better to fix them.

I just wonder what I’d find if I kept going over the manuscript forever. As it is, I am so pleased with this novel. I feel a huge sense of accomplishment, and I can’t wait for August 29th, when readers will have a chance to see where Rosie’s story goes.

I’ve also been thinking about how whole and complete this book is, with its own distinct world and plot, and it makes me think people could read the series out of order. Do people do that much? I know for the Birthmarked trilogy that some people read Prized (book 2) before Birthmarked. It makes me wonder. At the heart of it, this series is so much about art, creativity and taking chances. Maybe reading it out of order would bring that home even more.  

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  • Are you writing and holding babies at the same time?

  • Can’t wait! Every time I’m putting books away at work in the young adult section, I scan over all my favorites. I get to yours and sigh! Haha! I want to read it so bad!

    I’m an “in order” gal myself. I feel like each author has put so MUCH into their work; to put it on the pages and write the story out the way they know how their characters would do something, say something, or be at a place at a certain time! It is a wonderful piece of art (most times 😉 ). To read a book out of order would be like repainting the Mona Lisa, or change the lyrics to Hotel California. It’s not my art to change. Plus I want to experience the art the way the artist intended.

  • M. Bailey ~ Ha. Actually, yes, sometimes. I’m also slowing down with my writing while I’m focused on family these days.
    Ashley ~ I know what you mean about reading books in order, and that’s normally what I enjoy, too. That especially matters when a series is plot-driven and builds on unfolding events. Later books can spoil the pleasure of the details of earlier books. When I think about Rosie’s story, I feel like each book digs deeply into a different question and the characters keep evolving. I’m just wondering if The Keep of Ages is another entry point into the series even for people who haven’t read the first two books. Hmm. It would be hard for me to ever know that myself, I suppose, because I can’t go back and experience the novels out of order.
    All best,

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