Touring Along to the Mandroid and Satisfaction!

WorkingMandroidThe Rule of Mirrors Blog Tour continues to Working for the Mandroid, where Leslie has posted her thoughtful review of The Rule of Mirrors.  It’s cool when a blogger comments on the scope of a series, and I appreciate Leslie’s astute observation that “the author has returned with another bizarre sci-fi meets psychological thriller romp that balances on the edge of social commentary.”

Satisfaction2For a very different perspective, Gina from Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers has posted an insightful review complete with her fun and snazzy brand of honesty.  From “OMG” to “*grr*” she covers all the feels of the book in a way that makes me hope she’s writing a novel herself.  

RoMBlogTourI must say, I’m so grateful to bloggers who take the time to read my novels and express their honest reactions to them.  All the reviewers on this blog tour donate their time with such generosity and aplomb.  It means so much to me.  I’m especially thankful today to Leslie and Gina.  You ladies rock!

The Rule of Mirrors Blog Tour:

2 Responses to Touring Along to the Mandroid and Satisfaction!

  • Thank you so much ma’am for both the mention and sharing your talent with all of us. It’s been a privilege and I can’t wait for the final installment! Happy reading everyone!

  • Gina ~ Of course! I’m usually too chicken to read reviews of my work, but I peeked at yours, and it was so warm and you seemed to get exactly what I was trying for so that I smilingly read the whole thing. Thank you!

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