the rule of mirrors

Touring Along to the Mandroid and Satisfaction!

WorkingMandroidThe Rule of Mirrors Blog Tour continues to Working for the Mandroid, where Leslie has posted her thoughtful review of The Rule of Mirrors.  It’s cool when a blogger comments on the scope of a series, and I appreciate Leslie’s astute observation that “the author has returned with another bizarre sci-fi meets psychological thriller romp that balances on the edge of social commentary.”

Satisfaction2For a very different perspective, Gina from Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers has posted an insightful review complete with her fun and snazzy brand of… Continue reading

Double Voices



Before I wrote Birthmarked, I worked on a novel that contained five points of view, all following different members of the same family in crisis. It was a worthy experiment, but I swore afterward that I’d never try it again. I couldn’t make all the perspectives equally compelling. I felt like I was shortchanging each character, and the collective honesty I was aiming for didn’t resonate enough.

Imagine, then, my surprise when I started writing The Rule of Mirrors and discovered I could not write it from only… Continue reading