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Works in Progress

IMG_4647 - Version 2My first batch of line edits for The Rule of Mirrors (Vault 2) came a couple days ago, so I back-burnered my new draft of Book 3 to work on them. On my breaks, I’m writing the Q&A for the back matter of the paperback of Book 1, which takes me to thinking about where the series started. So, essentially, I’m mentally in all three books right now, and I like that.

At the same time, I’m hyper-aware that it’s summer, and the season has become inextricably intertwined with… Continue reading

The Rule of Mirrors Update

The description of the novel has been released, so I’m sharing it here.  The novel is due out next February 16, 2016.  Just a heads up: the description of Book 2 is a spoiler for the ending of The Vault of Dreamers, but I think that’s okay.  Here goes! 

RuleofMirrorsCoverThe Rule of Mirrors (Vault of Dreamers #2)

The fast-paced, psychologically thrilling sequel to The Vault of Dreamers follows Rosie after her consciousness has been split in two.

The entire country was watching when Rosie Sinclair… Continue reading

Emily Woo Zeller Narrates The Vault of Dreamers Audiobook


Emily Woo Zeller

Emily Woo Zeller (Photo credit: Christopher Genovese)

The Vault of Dreamers comes out in audiobook format today with an engaging, nuanced performance by narrator Emily Woo ZellerTantor Media produced the audiobook, and the sample of the recording reveals how Emily brings Rosie’s character and her world alive in a rich, new way.  So, so cool!  The audiobook is available through Tantor,  Amazon, and, too, in case you’re interested.

I had the chance to ask Emily a bit about… Continue reading

Bloggers Honest and Nice

LITMEBUTTONNEW_zpsa94c52fbThe blog tour for The Vault of Dreamers, Jean Book Nerd Version proves to me once again how generous bloggers are. Each of the bloggers on my tour has volunteered her valuable time to create her post, and many of them have devoted hours to reading my novel and writing honest reviews.

SABRINAPPBUTTONChapterbyChapter2It’s refreshing to see how someone who might not normally pick up my novel responds to it. I’m so grateful!

The latest visits for the tour include Literary Meanderings, Sabrina’s Paranormal Palace, Chapter by Chapter,… Continue reading

Creating a Book Playlist

VAULT_OF_DREAMERS_Tour_BannerWhen Laura from Once Upon a Twilight invited me to create a playlist for The Vault of Dreamers, I was psyched.  In fact, I had one nearly complete.  I listen to Pandora and Grooveshark often when I work, and back when I first began drafting Rosie’s story, I opened a new list on Grooveshark specifically for songs that connected me to the novel.  

PianoMost often the  songs matched a mood from the novel, or a theme or character.  “Out Here On My Own” by… Continue reading