On Writing “Tortured”

My short story “Tortured” (Birthmarked 1.5) came about as a dark experiment, the sort that goes wrong and stays with you.

At first, I was faced with a unique writing challenge.  The tie-in story was intended originally for readers who already knew Birthmarked (Book 1) but who had not yet read Prized (Book 2).  It was a precarious window.  I pondered: how could a story add something to both books and yet stand alone enough to work as a short story? When would it take… Continue reading

On the Horizon

A book!

My editor sent me a dust jacket of PRIZED. I wrapped it around a copy of BIRTHMARKED to see how it looks. Not bad!

It hit me this weekend that Prized is coming out in a month.  I’m happy about that, curious and a little anxious, too.  The stakes feel higher with the second book because more people are interested in the trilogy now than when Birthmarked came out, and the potential to delight or disappoint is proportionately magnified.  I’m depending more than ever on the team… Continue reading