NY Comic Con: Quite the Scene

NY Comic Con 2012

Big crushes of people packed the Javits Center this weekend for NY Comic Con 2012.  What did 100,000 people feel like?  A lot of fun.  Especially since many of the people were dressed in savage, colorful, and sometimes flesh-baring costumes.  Our favorite?  A little boy came as Bumblebee in a homemade, cardboard, yellow outfit and when he knelt down and curled up, he transformed into a car.  Ingenious.

Intrepid volunteers Katie, Rufka, Lainey, Mindy, Chelsea and S.T. join Caragh to… Continue reading

Promised Blog Tour!

I’m starting around on a blog tour next Monday, September 24th!  Ten very funny, thoughtful, creative bloggers have been pitching me interview questions and topics about favorite reads, music to write by, what’s changed for me over the Birthmarked trilogy, women’s rights, bravery, inspiration, and whether I’d rather live in Sylum or the Enclave.  They’ve given me the perfect excuse to pause and think about how far Gaia’s story has come, and where it goes from here.  It’s been interesting and super fun to talk with people… Continue reading

Title Search

Nasty Title Problem

Got Nothin’ Still

There’s a Poem in This


But Not a Title

Which is What I Need

By Monday

The Novel I Wrote

No Problem

The Sequel Synopsis, Too

But No Title

Got Me a Nice List Now

Of Dead Ends

And the Already Used

I’d Like to Go With


But No Fish Swim

In My Novel

The Thesaurus Is My Friend

Turned Enemy

Music Lyrics Have Been

Stolen and Abandoned

Poems and Quotes


I’ve Tried This and That and Zombies


No Title




The Ghost of Mary We-Ha-Kee

I respectfully contribute this story to Camp Eve for Eve’s Fan Garden, in honor of CIT’s and ghosts everywhere.

The Ghost of Mary We-Ha-Kee, by Caragh M. O'Brien, erstwhile CIT

Our camp was haunted.  One of my jobs as a CIT at Camp We-Ha-Kee was to make sure the ghost appeared once during each camp session, preferably on a bloody moon.  Sometimes, the ghost of Mary We-Ha-Kee walked the forest at night, singing a lonesome tune.  Other times, she rode her black and white pinto between… Continue reading

Art Experiments on Us: High Line Park

High Line Park, NYC

Clever minds are at work in public art spaces.  I was walking High Line Park in NYC with my family this weekend when we came upon a theater-type, open air seating area which descended downward, with windows at the bottom overlooking the traffic of 10th street that ran directly below.  We gladly sat for a while, looking out the “screens” at the flowing taxis, thinking about how life is art if you look at it differently.  Is “streetscape” a word?  Probably.… Continue reading

Food and Books

Food and Books, Union CT

One of the coolest landmarks in the quiet, northeastern corner of Connecticut is the quaint and quirky Traveler Food and Books directly off exit 74 on Route 84.  It’s part restaurant, part used bookstore, and when you visit, you’re invited to pick a used book to take home for free.  Black and white photos of famous writers line the walls, and you’ll find stands of jigsaw puzzles, coffee mugs, and shrink-wrapped sets of National Geographic dating back over decades.  We like this… Continue reading