Oh, my gosh.  Do you remember how much of life used to be devoted to combating silliness?  I can still hear the multitude of grownups minding us to sit still, quit that giggling, mind yer manners, or cut that out, and in every case I nearly keeled over from laughing inside.  School, church, the dinner table, grocery store aisles, and the back of the car were all prime for silliness and the squelching of it.

Then I had kids of my own, and silliness abounded again.… Continue reading

Both of Us, Night and Day

NightParisI can spend an hour at night laboring over the composition an email or a blog post only to wake up the next morning and find it’s weirdly uppity or just plain pointless.  Because of this, I have a hard and fast rule about never sending any emails that might actually matter at night.  What’s strange is that I can’t uncoil myself from the snare of writing the insidious late night drafts, even knowing I’m needlessly embroiled.  It’s like I’m processing, letting my illogical, instinctual side out… Continue reading

Q. Should I Keep Writing?

A.  Yes.  You should. I know the first draft is awful, and even as you’re writing it, you can see you’ll have to cut most of it, but go forward anyway.  Get to the end.

Q.  But why, why?  It’s so bad!  It doesn’t even make sense.

A.  That’s just what first drafts are.  They’re painful and ugly.  They wander down dead ends and come out smelling like old fish.

Q.  I thought I liked my main character, but now,… Continue reading

The 6 Stages of Thanksgiving: Race, Stuffage, Shock, Acceptance/Nap, Take-Out, Heave Ho

By now, the Stages of Thanksgiving should not be a surprise.  After all, we’ve been through the holiday before.  But lest you feel alone in your befuddlement, your sense of what-just-hit-me?, let me let me elucidate a little cycle that’s just played out in our home and share a spark of hope.

Manchester Road Race, 2012, pre-race line up

1. Race

The Race stage includes anything you did to show up where you belonged, whole and alive: plane travel, roadtrip, and pull-out couch included.  You made it!… Continue reading

NY Comic Con: Quite the Scene

NY Comic Con 2012

Big crushes of people packed the Javits Center this weekend for NY Comic Con 2012.  What did 100,000 people feel like?  A lot of fun.  Especially since many of the people were dressed in savage, colorful, and sometimes flesh-baring costumes.  Our favorite?  A little boy came as Bumblebee in a homemade, cardboard, yellow outfit and when he knelt down and curled up, he transformed into a car.  Ingenious.

Intrepid volunteers Katie, Rufka, Lainey, Mindy, Chelsea and S.T. join Caragh to… Continue reading

Promised Blog Tour!

I’m starting around on a blog tour next Monday, September 24th!  Ten very funny, thoughtful, creative bloggers have been pitching me interview questions and topics about favorite reads, music to write by, what’s changed for me over the Birthmarked trilogy, women’s rights, bravery, inspiration, and whether I’d rather live in Sylum or the Enclave.  They’ve given me the perfect excuse to pause and think about how far Gaia’s story has come, and where it goes from here.  It’s been interesting and super fun to talk with people… Continue reading