Read Anything Good Lately?

I read for fun.  I love to drop into a good story or follow a curious argument.  Some books I devour fast, like a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, and some I savor slowly, like the chocolate cappuccino brownies my sister made lately with my daughter, two nieces and two nephews.  The one I ate was rich, smooth, full of careful love, and I can still taste it.

It's easy and free to catalogue your library on Goodreads.

My favorite place to read?  The hammock in my front yard by day, my living room couch with a good lamp by evening, and my bed with many pillows by night.

I’m fond of Goodreads, where I can keep a running list of books I’ve read and want to read.  It’s fun to see what others are recommending, too, and join conversations about favorite books.

Since I abandon books that don’t interest me, the ones I finish are all books I like.  The last ten books I read or reread are:

Julia Quinn, What Happens in London

(Light-hearted romance of spies.)

Trish Doller, Something Like Normal

(A young Marine comes home from war.)

Veronica Roth, Divergent

(A teen girl trains as Dauntless.)

Emmy Laybourne, Monument 14

(Kids hole up in a store to survive disaster.)

Genn Albin, Crewel

(A teen girl learns to spin time and matter.)

Philippa Gregory, The Other Boleyn Girl

(Mary Boleyn serves as mistress to Henry VIII.)

Olivia Goldsmith, The Bestseller

(Dishy, gossipy tale of publishing in the 90’s.)

Jennifer R. Hubbard, Try Not to Breathe

(Teen boy adjusts after discharge from psych residence.)

Julia Glass, The Widower’s Tale

(Cranky, old guy allows preschool in his barn.)

Lois Lowry, The Giver

(Boy starts to see red in colorless dystopia.)

5 Responses to Read Anything Good Lately?

  • I love Goodreads. I see you don’t rate your books though. Most of my books receive 3 – 5 stars. I rarely find a book that gets a 1 or 2. I see HELPER12 is on your shelf. I’d like to read that one.

    Right now I’m reading UNSPOKEN by Sarah Rees Brennan.

  • Dashner, James. The Death Cure (hated it)
    Condie, Ally. Crossed (pretty good)
    Lu, Marie. Legend (really good)
    Cole, London. Whisper Walker (pretty good)
    Roth, Veronica. Insurgent (loved it!)
    Laybourne, Emmy. Monument 14 (really good)
    Asher, Jay. Thirteen Reasons Why (really good and majorly eye opening)
    Chbosky, Stephen. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (hated it)
    Cass, Kiera. The Selection ( it was a love/ hate type of book)
    Cabot, Meg. Queen of Babble (pretty good)

  • McKenna, why did you hate ‘perks of being a wallflower’?!

  • Karin ~ I liked HELPER12. It’s a quick read that stays with you. I don’t rate because quite a few of the books I read are by friends of mine, now, and it just feels impertinent to rank them. I send them a private note instead and we end up pondering together, which I love. I’ll check out the Brennan. Thanks!
    McKenna ~ Thanks for a provocative list! We have some overlap of titles. I haven’t tried Thirteen Reasons Why yet but keep hearing it’s good.
    Tee ~ Perks is one of my favorites, and I’m curious to see how it will translate to a film. I liked how confused I was at first, assuming Charlie was a girl. It made me wonder how I figured that wrong, and why I could relate to his voice so completely.
    All best,

  • I LOVED Divergent! Only book, other than Birthmarked, that made me cry in public! LOL

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