Revising, Again

I’ve written about revising before, so I’m not certain this adds much.  I just want to say I love this stage.  I’m in draft 6 of Promised (Book 3 of the Birthmarked trilogy), and now that I’m more and more convinced I have all the scenes I need and that they’re in the right places, I can finally work at the level where I’m questioning each word.  It’s a little like working on a very long poem.

Promised, Draft 6

So much of character emerges here in tiny gestures and dialogue.  Slowing down and sinking into each scene lets me see the firelight, smell the wood smoke and hear the voices in a rich, incredibly satisfying way.

I’ve turned on the track changes feature so I’ll be able to dovetail this draft with the one I most recently sent to my editor.  You can see by the frequent changes (in red) that the prose is still very fluid.

If it seems odd to hear about the process of Book 3 when, as a reader, you may have recently finished Birthmarked and be expecting Prized in a couple months, I’ll admit it has been odd for me, too, to get used to having books in such different stages of the process.  I’m thankful that today I’m in a stage I enjoy.

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  • Yay! Title reveal! Promised sounds very… promising. (a rather obvious and cheesy pun, that)
    The word “Promised” strikes me as a verb, and makes me think of marriage/engagements. This is just my initial feeling, of course. I’ve got to speculate with what I’ve got…

  • Heidi ~
    Good start, there. Heh heh.

  • I love the comparison ‘like working on a very long poem’ ! 😀

  • Revising is the hardest part for me. I always just want to be done! I have no patience, which is not a quality to be lacking as a writer.

  • Jules ~ Thanks!
    Kelly ~ I’m not particularly patient, either. For me, revising is less about patience and more about fascination. Maybe you’re better at first drafts than I am, so that’s where the fun is for you. Good luck!
    All best,

  • oh gawwd. i just finished PRIZED and it left me highly distressed and anxious and curious and excited and a lot of more things.

    i read the book deep into the night and had to force myself to stop, so i could catch up on some sleep since i needed to get up in a few hours. i had it with me all the time, so if the opportunity arrived and i coud read a few minuted i’d have it with me.

    do you think you might give away a copy/arc of PROMISED in a contest or something for those of us who live in europe? i am aware that NETGALLEY gives away ebook copies (yours was there too), but not all of the request get accepted (yep, i wasn’t accepted either).

    lastly, i want to tell you how marvelous your story has been so far. i may not have agreed with all of gaia’s choices, but then, i haven’t been in her shoes either. i compliment you in that the stories you write definitely wring the emotions out of me (like a sponge, hee)

  • Joe ~
    Thank you for your kind words about Prized.
    It’s likely we’ll run an international giveaway of Promised eventually, but I don’t yet know when that might be. Similarly, I don’t know when or if it will be listed on Netgalley. I appreciate your interest.
    All best,

  • When is promised going to come out? I can barely wait!!!

  • Whitney ~
    Promised is due out in the fall of 2012. Thanks for your enthusiasm!
    All best,

  • I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading BirthMarked, Tortured, and Prized, and I am looking forward to reading Promised. Good luck in your writing. Can’t wait 😀

  • I love this series so much! I begged my mom to buy me a kindle just so i could read Tortured! Anyway, I can’t wait for Promised to come out! I have already asked my mom when it comes out if she would buy it for me 😉 (she said yes) So the first day it comes out I’m going to pounce!

  • Nia ~ Thank you so much! How kind of you.
    Taylor ~ Ha! You may not want to tell your mom this, but you didn’t need to buy a Kindle. The story is available to read for free on I’m glad to know you enjoy Gaia’s story. Thanks so much for writing to me.
    All best,

  • let me just say when i first started reading birthmarked i wasnt really thinking it was right for me (i had found it when looking up books like hunger games or maze runner) but once she saved the baby in the enclave i was HOOKED! i loved it so much and even though i was really sad and anxious at the ending (not to mention heartbroken but all good novels do that ;)) i got prized (just finished it today actually) and was very happy by how everything turned out, i cant wait for promised (i was REALLY sad that it wasnt already out 🙁 i read promised and prized in two days total (i have an obsession with reading when it comes to good books-which often makes my mom mad when she says ive been reading for 2 hours straight or have stayed up laaate on a school night to try to finish it!-) and was hoping to get on to promised but guess ill have to wait until fall 🙁 but i know the wait will be worth it! i have to say though im a little nervous about promise ruining Gaias happieness forever (like mockingjays ending hurt me so much because she didnt even seem happy) but i trust you

    ~ur new but beloved fan 🙂 ♥ izzy sorry its so long but i had to get it out

  • Izzy ~
    You are kind to write me, and I’m happy to learn you’re enjoying the series so far. Reading instead of sleeping can be a torturous trade-off, don’t you think?
    I’ll do my best with Promised. It’s tempting to throw some dancing Ewoks into the ending and call it a day, but I’m afraid that’s been done already. I’ll have to come up with something else.
    Take care!

  • I read alot, but it’s been a very long time since I have found one of those can’t-put-it-down kind of books.

    Let me just say that I was hooked on Birthmarked from the very first page and I am not even kidding! I normally only read just before I go to sleep, so get through a couple pages before I nod off, but I found myself still awake at 2am because I need to know what happens next.

    A great great book, very well written and deserves way more publicity than the likes of Twilight and Hunger Games (which are two of my favourite series).

    I can’t thank you enough for writing this series! I am currently on the second book and can’t wait to see how the rest of the series unfolds!


  • Emily ~
    How kind of you. Thanks for writing to let me know how much you’re enjoying Gaia’s story. I hope the rest pleases you as well, and I hope you have time to sneak in a nap or two.
    All best,

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