The Keep of Ages

IMG_7204Last Friday, I sent in another draft of my third novel in the Vault of Dreamers series. It has a clearer shape than it has had before, and I’m starting to think of it by its real title, The Keep of Ages. While my editor reads the draft, I’m resisting the itch to go back and tinker for two reasons: I really need her perceptive feedback before I go further, and I need distance from the manuscript so I can see it with fresh eyes of my own.

It’s hard to resist, though. I’ve been so deeply focused on this novel that I’m a bit unmoored without it to ground my working hours. I feel like I have this huge secret world where I want to play, and for the moment, I’ve locked myself outside the wall.

The Keep of Ages (Vault of Dreamers 3) will be out July 11, 2017. As yet, I have no way to describe it, but I like what I have so far. A lot.

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  • Just so you know, I’m not so patiently waiting for the announcement of a book tour after The Keep of Ages releases that includes Midland. 😉

  • Aria ~ That would be so cool for me! I have to believe my books will take me to your area one day.
    All best,

  • I just wanted to say you are a amazing author! I love your books and keep on making more of this series!:) I don’t want it to end! Love you and can’t wait for the new book!

  • Stephanie ~ Thank you so much! You’re very kind. I’m truly tantalized by this series, and I’m trying to wrap it up in the perfect way. I hope you’ll like it!
    All best,

  • Okay, I just finished the rule of mirrors and jumped online to find the next book. I’m so upset that I have to wait til July! Gonna give myself a dose of sleep medicine to help me with the wait

  • hey Caragh I am in love with your first two books and i am really dying to know about the third book and waiting for the new book is killing me but there’s something I’m still not sure of for the 2nd book. I hope you don’t mind to clear my questions. You know the rosie in Thea, was she the real rosie from the first book? the rosie that did all the work and the one that keeps having headaches? and the rosie IN rosie’s body for the 2nd book was it the inner voice in the 1st book? that rosie in rosie’s body was the inner voice that helped to clear all the deja vus and headaches right when the REAL rosie was climbing up the ladder?I’m still confused because i’m still believing that now the REAL rosie is gone because Althea remembered back her memories and I feel so heartbroken because the REAL ROSIE is now really gone i’m actually crying because she doesnt deserve it. I remembered in the 2nd book where Linus said about how he felt it is the rosie in thea that has always made him feel is it true the rosie in thea is the REAL rosie? if it is, i’m crying bc it’s so unfair for her bc of berg’s cruelty,she lost her life and only her inner voice get to be the rosie now.. i can’t wait for the3rd book but meanwhile could you explain to me about my doubt? you can leave my message as a private since it’s kind of revealing about ur 2nd book but please please do reply me back….

  • Shairah ~ Thanks for contacting me. I’ve replied to your email with the same questions.
    All best,

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