The Brave People

A young female Washington Grey cadet prepares to rappel down a cliff

Washington GREYS on Breakneck Ridge Trail, Memorial Day 2014

A group of Washington GREYS military cadets was preparing to rappel down the face of a cliff at Breakneck Ridge in the Hudson Highlands State Park on Memorial Day. I cringed with vicarious fear and watched to be inspired. Then I remembered the military men and women of my family who have trained and served.

Why are some people brave? How can I be more like them?

When I write about courageous people like Gaia and Rosie, I test my own inner fears, and my characters make me braver. We need people to tell us to have faith in ourselves and take chances, so we seek out our grandmothers, living heroes, friends, and book characters who will point the way. In fiction, we have a chance to practice making difficult choices so we’re better prepared to face them in real life. Sometimes being brave starts with a dream–with just letting ourselves dream. Sometimes it starts with speaking up.

2 Responses to The Brave People

  • Thank you for the reference to the Washington Greys Military Cadets. It is an honor to be referred to as some of the brave ones. Training in rappeling is a confidence builder as well as a technical requirement of the volunteer mountaineering program. Again, Thank you.

  • MSantana ~ The pleasure is mine. Thank you for all you do.

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