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Where to Start a Series?

RoMBlogTourIt’s great when a reader asks me where to begin reading a series because it implies an openness to jumping into a world midstream, so to speak. In the case of the Vault of Dreamers series, I suspect readers would get more of a kick out of it if they start with the first book, so that’s what I recommend, but if someone first encounters Book 2 (The Rule of Mirrors), he or she could certainly enter the story with the characters at that point and understand what’s… Continue reading

Dream Things True

RoMBlogTourIn the spirit of dreams, here’s one of my favorite passages from Bill Shakespeare:

Romeo: I dreamt a dream tonight.

Mercutio: And so did I.

Romeo: Well, what was yours?

Mercutio: That dreamers often lie.

Romeo: In bed asleep, while they do dream things true.

(Romeo and Juliet, 1, 4, 50-52)

ADreamWithinI like the double-meaning of “lie” (recline/fib),  and Romeo’s assertion that we can dream the truth. Fittingly, the Rule of Mirrors Blog Tour stops today at A Dream Within A Dream for an interview and a… Continue reading

The Rule of Mirrors Blog Tour Begins

RoMBlogTourThe first stop on the Rule of Mirrors Blog Tour includes a review and an interview with my friend Kate over at Ex Libris.

ExLibrisAmong other things, she gave me a chance to talk a bit about the dual nature of Rosie and how I approached writing a double character.  

fictionFareThe blog tour continues today with a thoughtful review by Erin at Fiction Fare and a chance to enter a giveaway for a paperback of The Vault of Dreamers, the first novel in the series. 

Thanks,… Continue reading

The Rule of Mirrors Is Out!


The Rule of Mirrors in the wild. From left: Laura Smith, Nancy O’Brien Wagner, Caragh O’Brien, and Tomy O’Brien III. The Red Balloon Bookshop, St. Paul, MN February 16, 2016.

Yay!  The Rule of Mirrors is out!

My sisters Laura and Nancy and my nephew Tomy accompanied me to the Red Balloon Bookshop in St. Paul today to seek out copies of my new novel and rejoice.  I am so happy about this book!  

To all of my friends and family who have been so supportive while… Continue reading

Rule of Mirrors Blog Tour

Can it possibly be that I have a novel coming out tomorrow? For so long, I felt like the release day for The Rule of Mirrors would never come, and now it is actually happening tomorrow. Tomorrow!  

RoMCover forSlideshow2I’m delighted to announce that 12 stellar bloggers are helping me celebrate with a blog tour of interviews, reviews, and special posts. I am so thankful for their creativity and support. Do stop by to catch the latest on Rosie and her friends in the harrowing sequel to The Vault of Dreamers!… Continue reading

The Forge Clock Tower

The Clock Tower in Jaffa, Isreal.

The Clock Tower in Jaffa, Isreal.

One of my favorite places in The Vault of Dreamers is the clock tower, an old, round, stone building in the middle of the Forge School campus. Stepping inside it with Rosie instantly takes me to another world. Naturally, I couldn’t help returning to the clock tower in The Rule of Mirrors. It can be powerful in a sequel to return to familiar places, especially if they evoke bad memories or bring back warm feelings.  For me, the clock tower does both.… Continue reading