Puzzles and Games

jigsaw pieces on a tableThe minute satisfaction of fitting the grooves of a jigsaw puzzle piece into place is just enough to make a person want to do it again, over and over. The process is an ongoing tease, where each section of completion presents another void that needs to be attacked. It’s equally absorbing and frivolous, a perfect indulgence when I can spare the time.

My family is big on puzzles and games of all sorts. I’m especially fond of jigsaws, crosswords, and KenKens. My family routinely plays Dominion, Pandemic,… Continue reading

Games Time

gamesWe’ve been playing games pretty much nonstop here for days, pausing only for sandwiches, truffles, and Swedish fish. My family relishes involved board or card games. I love how they bring out our personalities. Patient sons who kindly explain rules to me, often repeatedly, can also be quite ruthless distributing curses. Couples tend to team up, or arrange nice trades for each other, and nobody ever throws the board anymore.

Here are some of our favorite games. For the record, we’re all ages 21 and up, but these games would… Continue reading