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Onto the Reading Nook Reviews

For Day 6 of the Keep of Ages Blog Tour, I head over to The Reading Nook Reviews with a list of my 10 favorite science fiction novels. My taste in sci fi leans towards dystopian novels like 1984 and The Handmaid’s Tale, disaster novels like Life As We Knew It and Station Eleven, and futuristic survival stories like The Martian and The Dog Stars.  They often deal with injustice, and always give me a new perspective on living now, in this world. Follow the blog… Continue reading

Visiting A Dream Within A Dream

Today the Keep of Ages Blog Tour stops at A Dream Within A Dream for a goofy list of 10 horrible titles and a giveaway of all three books in the Vault of Dreamers series. Steph’s blog features reviews, giveaways, and excerpts of YA sci fi, YA contemporary, and adult urban fantasy. Her site is always up to date with information on new books and authors—a great place for discovering new fiction. Do drop by!

The Keep of Ages will be out one week from today! It’s hard for me… Continue reading

A “Shelfie” Appears on The Fandom

For the Keep of Ages Blog Tour today, I’m dropping by The Fandom with a “shelfie.” The photo highlights an eclectic corner of bookshelves in my living room and hints at the things I value, including a stack of puzzles and games. What do your bookshelves say about you?

If you’re not yet familiar with The Fandom, it’s a site that covers all the latest movies, TV shows, books, and trends. You’ll get sucked in, and if you just happen to enjoy reading YA novels, the Fandom is looking for… Continue reading

The Blog Tour Visits Book Briefs

Today, the Keep of Ages Blog tour swings by Book Briefs, where Michelle has been a kind supporter of the Vault of Dreamers series from back at the very beginning, when she was part of the original Vault blog tour. Her past reviews of Rosie’s story (Vault of Dreamers, Rule of Mirrors) have been lively and thoughtful, with a wild claim that I’m “a master storyteller.”

I’m delighted to be returning to her site with a guest post on the fabulous covers of the books. Do… Continue reading

Dreaming of a Fantasy Cast

For my next stop on the Keep of Ages Blog Tour, I’m dropping by Fiktshun to propose a fantasy cast for the Vault of Dreamers series. It was fun to think about which actors would be good to play Rosie, Linus, Burnham, and my other favorite characters.

Will the books ever become films or a series on Netflix? Hard to say, but it’s not impossible. I do have a film agent, and that’s a key step.

Rachel, the stellar blogger who runs Fiktshun, is also hosting a giveaway, so stop… Continue reading

The Keep of Ages Blog Tour Starts Today

The Keep of Ages Blog Tour begins today! My first stop is at BookhoundsYA where Mary is sharing an exclusive excerpt from The Keep of Ages. It’s a chapter from Linus’s point of view, and to be fair, for anyone who hasn’t read The Rule of Mirrors (Vault of Dreamers 2), I should warn that the chapter spoils a key detail about Linus. Then again, it’s kind of a cool detail, and you might like knowing about it. 

The complete list of blogs on the tour is… Continue reading