keep of ages

Where the Tracks Run Out

Train tracks lead into grass.

I have a decent novel. I’m sure of that. My current draft of The Keep of Ages shapes up and smells like a real book, with the right characters, some surprising twists, and theme concepts that intrigue me. Yet something’s missing. I feel it between the lines, part promise and part absence. I don’t know what I’m looking for, but I know I need to look.

So I’m stepping off the tracks into the wild grass. This is an unnerving place, where the only guide is questions, and they aren’t… Continue reading

The Keep of Ages

IMG_7204Last Friday, I sent in another draft of my third novel in the Vault of Dreamers series. It has a clearer shape than it has had before, and I’m starting to think of it by its real title, The Keep of Ages. While my editor reads the draft, I’m resisting the itch to go back and tinker for two reasons: I really need her perceptive feedback before I go further, and I need distance from the manuscript so I can see it with fresh eyes of my own.

It’s… Continue reading