Cover Reveal: Promised

We have the final cover for Promised!

Luscious, if you ask me.  I have a thing for bright, bold book covers, so I’m thrilled about the red and the way the bracelet zings forward against the fabric background.  I love the continuation of the distinctive, lyrical Trinculo font from the first two books in the series, too.  Tim Green of faceoutstudio designed this cover, as he did the paperback of Birthmarked (Book 1) and the hardcover of Prized (Book 2).

Book 1

I believe a cover should invite a reader in visually, and create a vibrant initial impression upon which the novel expands.  Ideally, the cover art and novel should not only match, but add to each other, so that by the time a reader has become wrapped up in the story, she also feels like she has been wrapped inside the cover.  Forever after, the story and the cover art should be inextricably meshed.

In the case of Promised, I was still revising while we were designing the cover, and my editor and I discussed possible objects from the story that could serve as focal points, the way the ribbon and the monocle were visually appealing and symbolically resonant for the Birthmarked and Prized covers.  My draft of Promised had a significant anklet and a blue ribbon worked into the sleeve of a dress, and as I pondered them more, I discovered they would work better combined into a bracelet.

Book 2

I came up with a description of a bracelet with many glowing bands and filigree, and my editor sent that along to faceout.  When Tim Green sent back an image of a single band, with the exact glow and filigree I’d imagined, I was mesmerized.  From then on, I adjusted the description in the book to match the bracelet, and that’s what is used on the cover.

It was satisfying and fascinating to collaborate on ideas for this cover.  Normally, cover artists work from the text of a completed book to come up with their cover designs.  In our case, the cover artist and I sent text and images back and forth, and I was able to work from the draft images of the cover to revise my novel.  How cool is that?

In case you’re wondering, Promised is due out on October 2, 2012.

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  • It’s stunning, Caragh!! The kids at the middle school library where I volunteer are in love with your series!!! My librarian will be thrilled to see your new cover!

  • The cover is so vibrant and beautiful. The embedded objects on the covers of the first two books was brilliant. Just looking at the monocle from Prized takes me right back to the story and the feelings I have about the book. I am so excited and intrigued to learn more about the role of the bracelet.

  • Wow! I love it! This series really is a must read for dystopian fans and I can’t wait to read the last one. Especially now that it has such a gorgeous cover! Congratulations!

  • I can’t wait, I was expecting the blue, but the red just gives it a complete new feel to it! I can’t wait why is October so far?!!

  • It’s beautiful! I can’t wait to read it. I love that you were able to work with the artist. That is so rare.

  • Gina ~ Ooh! I’m so glad the readers at your middle school library like the series. That makes me smile. I hope your librarian likes the cover, too.
    Sunny ~ The bracelet is a great object. I really like how it functions in the book, so I’m glad it was what we chose. You’ll see!
    Danielle ~ Thank you! You’re always so nice about my stories. I hope you’ll like the third novel. As I type this, I’m a bit shocked that the series will be wrapped up once and for all.
    Isla ~ I know! Red is fantastic! It’s true that it is still quite some time before the third book comes out, but hey, the cover showed up on the book sites, so I’m goofy and excited. It’s nice to have people to share the news with.
    Amber ~ I feel incredibly fortunate, and I know how rare it is to be able to have input on the cover, much less collaborate with the cover artist. I work with a very special team at Roaring Brook, where everyone deeply cares about what we do.
    All best,

  • omg, this looks fantastic!! 😀 Wow, i’m so in love with this series right now, haha.

    and i was getting so excited because i thought that ‘bracelet’ was actually a ‘ring’ and ring symbolizes commitment so i kinda thought that leon and gaia were …. well, you know.

    anyway! i really like the bold cover!
    it makes me want to read it nowww!! DDDDD:

  • Afza ~ Thank you! I’m delighted to hear you’re enjoying the series. A commitment, hmm? There’s an idea. I think you’ll find the cover matches the book pretty well!
    All best,

  • Oooh, gorgeous!

  • Claire ~ Thanks! I feel unbelievably fortunate.
    All best,

  • Just pre-purchased Promised on Amazon. (Really? we have to wait until October?). The Martin’s are looking forward to it, however, I think my 12 yr old daughter will probably beat me to it, and then my wife. Good thing we have more than one Kindle 😉

    Great work Caragh. We have enjoyed getting lost in Gaia’s world, and look forward to how it will end in Promised. Keep up the great work. I am excited to see how Rainy Roof and Big Steps comes out.

    Thanks again.

  • Tom ~ Ha! Thanks for letting me know all three of you are enjoying the series. I can just see you and your daughter duking it out for the right to read first. I know who would win in my household.
    Thanks for the encouragement, too! I’ll keep trying my best.
    Take care,

  • I am so excited about Promised!! I just want you to know I love your books. You are a great author! Thank you for your hard work. I have enjoyed it.
    And I just love Leon!

  • Samantha ~ Thank you! Your kind words make me very happy. I like Leon, too!
    All best,

  • I am totally delighted by what I read so far.
    But I would like to know if there will be an new hardcover-edition of birthmarked, so that I could get all three matching covers.
    Best wishes,

  • Anne ~ Thanks for the kind words! Others have asked me about the covers, too. My editor tells me we have no plans to publish the hardcover of Birthmarked with the new cover, so the set will only match in paperback.
    All best,

  • I would just like to say how amazing your books are. I couldn’t stop reading birthmarked and prized, now I desperately want to get my hands on promised. I also read the short story ‘tortured’ and that was just as fantastic. I love it how you used the whole idea of the setting being in the future.
    Good Luck on your path ahead,

  • Nethimi ~ Thank you! You’re too kind. I’m so happy when my novels find the right reader.
    All best,

  • Hi! OMG I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SERIES!!!! U R MY FAVORITE AUTHOR! I cannot even begin to describe how much I love these books. I love the cover and just everything.
    What font are the stories typed in? I love it. I know what the title font is, but I also really like the font that the whole story is typed in.

  • Lena ~
    Thanks! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed Gaia’s story. As for the type font, I’m afraid I don’t know what it’s called. It is nice and clear, isn’t it?
    All best,

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