Promised Comes Out Today!

I’m happy about Promised coming out today and hopeful that readers will enjoy finding out where Gaia’s adventures take her next.  This trilogy was not a solo effort, that’s for sure.  Special thanks to my editor Nancy Mercado and the team at Roaring Brook for all their brilliant ideas and help over the past four years.  Thank you to Kirby Kim, my agent.  I’m grateful to my family and friends, too, for ongoing support.  My novels would not have happened without you!

Today I’m writing, hanging out with my family, baking a few cupcakes, and heading over to the UConn Coop later for a reading.  It’s the perfect way to celebrate.

Online, the Promised Blog Tour takes me today to Starting the Next Chapter. There Marla digs into my deepest secrets and asks which scene from the Birthmarked trilogy was most memorable to write.  I’ve tried not to be too evasive.

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  • Congratulations, Caragh! I’m knee-deep into reading the book and so far, it’s everything I hoped it would be. The more books I read in this genre (and others) the more I appreciate you and your storytelling. Thanks for being such a great author and student of human nature.

  • It was amazing!! I cried and i laughed, i feared and i hoped! such a gifted writer and such an amazing realistic story! Thank you so much for sharing your world!!

  • Having read, and loved, the first two books, I’m gutted that this one isn’t available in the UK. Any idea when it’ll be published here? Thanks

  • Sunny ~ Aren’t you nice! Thank you so much.
    Elizabeth ~ Perfect. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!
    Heather ~ So far, Simon and Schuster UK has bought only the first two books so we have no plans for a release of Promised in the UK or Australia. I wish I had better news for you.
    All best,

  • I miss the cupcakes. 🙁

  • Absolutely loved your first two books and am looking forward to Promised! Is anyone else having the issue that they can’t buy the kindle version though? Or is that just because I’m from New Zealand…

  • Katie ~ Ha! The cupcakes miss you, too! It was great to see your mom.
    Emily ~ I’m looking into this, but I think the issue is connected to S&S Children’s UK buying only the first two books in the series. Thanks for your interest.
    All best,

  • That’s such a shame! Thanks for responding.

  • Heather ~ I’m looking into this. We may have a deal for the ebook rights in the UK, Australia and New Zealand worked out fairly soon. I’ll post an update when I learn more.
    All best,

  • That’s great news! Thanks for the update 🙂

  • I’m glad I’ve found these comments as I came here as I was perplexed to find no UK ebook for Promised. I really want to read it soon!

  • My friend and I loved your first two books and have told all our friends to read them!!! I live in Australia and I was wondering if Promised is going to make it to us????

  • Aimee ~ Thank you! And thanks for your interest in Promised. You’re not alone in asking this. The novel may eventually be available to you in Australia as an ebook. We’re working on the deal.
    All best,

  • Anyway that you can release a paperback version in Australia, as I hate ebooks! I’m reading the second book now and I am absolutely loving the series. Thanks a bunch!

  • Penny ~ I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying the second book! S&S Children’s UK, which publishes my books in Australia, has only bought the first two novels in the series, so as much as I wish I could promise you a paperback of Book 3, it looks unlikely. Thank you for your interest.
    All best,

  • For readers interested in the UK version of Promised ~
    Simon & Schuster Children’s UK, which published the first two novels in the Birthmarked trilogy, has purchased the e-book rights for Promised, so the third book should be available in digital format soon in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Thank you to my readers for your outpouring of support.


  • I just came back to this post for an update as every so often it pops into my head that I’m still waiting to read Promised. I still can’t see it as an ebook on Amazon, please tell those silly things to hurry up because Isabel in England needs something to read at bedtime! 😀

  • Isabel of England ~
    I’ll be sure to post here when I learn of the release date.
    All best,

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