Cover Reveal: Prized (Birthmarked #2)

Take a look!

Here’s the cover of Prized, the sequel to Birthmarked, which is due out November 8, 2011.  April Ward at Macmillan worked with Tim Green of faceout studio on the design, which I think is fantastic.  If it seems like a departure from the first book in the series, take a look at what has been done for the paperback of Birthmarked, due out in October.

Pretty sweet, huh?

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  • I much prefer this font. Also, November is too far away!

  • More than sweet! Both are beautiful.

  • Mmmmm, neat! I love the wood theme.

  • Fabulous!! how exciting for you Caragh
    Much love Mary Ann

  • WHOA! OMG, those are beautiful! Congrats on the new covers! 😀

  • Oh, I’m excited! Can’t imagine how you’re feeling right now. 🙂

  • I loved this book and the paperback artwork is beautiful – I think it suits the story much more than the hardcover book artwork. Cant wait to read the second book Prized in November.

  • Carin, Davetta, LOBS, Mary Ann, Chelsea, Kay, and Diana,
    Thank you so much! It doubles my happiness to have you to enjoy it with me. A cover is so vital in capturing the essence of a story and inviting us in, and I think these have done it superbly. Your reactions tell me so. Yahoo!
    All best,

  • Hey Caragh! I’m one of the kids from kelly middle school you skyped with! (: and I just wanna say that I absoltelu LOVE the new covers! I am SO excited for Prized!:D

  • What beautiful cover artwork! They are gorgeous! Birthmarked was one of my top reads in 2010 and I can not wait to read Prized! I may have to buy a second copy of Birthmarked when the paperback releases because I absolutely LOVE these covers!

  • Nealey ~ How nice to hear from you again! I hope school is going well and you’re reading something good in class. I’m glad you liked the covers. I do, too!
    Kira ~ Thanks! I’m pleased with the covers, too, and the new one for the paperback of Birthmarked intrigues me. It looks so -dry- to me, like I can just feel any moisture getting sucked out of the air. The contrast to the Prized cover makes so much sense. I hope you like the next story, too!
    All best,

  • They’re beautiful! I love the font they’ve chosen, and the overall theme of both covers. I’ll definitely be obsessing over these when they release.
    I’m usually not a big fan of major-ish cover/series redesigns, but these are just stunning!

  • Woah.

    *-* They’re really pretty. Can’t wait to read PRIZED in November!

  • OH MY HECK WE’RE SO EXCITED! We love the new cover and the paperback too! Fab! We have a Thank you card we still need to send you but has been way-laid! So sorry we’re such slackers!! It’ll be sent before the end of the school year. 🙂 <3 / AFHS Library

  • Juan ~
    Thank you! I think it’s a gutsy redesign and well worth the risk. I’m glad you approve.
    Mau ~
    Thanks! I hope you’ll enjoy the continuation of Gaia’s story. I tried my best with it.
    Abby ~
    I’ve been thinking of you! Did you see Birthmarked is a Beehive nominee? I was so excited! Skyping with you all was my pleasure, and you’ve thanked me very kindly already. Just keep the book group reading!
    All best,

  • I love the new covers! Still 7 months to go before Prized releases and I can’t wait to read it already.

  • So cool! I love how they both look!

  • Just finished Birthmarked…could not put it down! Most awesome and exciting book I have enjoyed reading since the Hunger Games trilogy, I am so happy to have found this treasure of a read! I am recommending it to everyone I know! So glad the sequel is coming out in a few months, but November seems so far away! Can’t wait!!

  • Deavelle, J.P., and Steph ~
    Thank you so much! I hope you’ll find that Prized is worth the wait.
    All best,

  • Both covers are so so beautiful!
    I LOVE Birthmarked and I can’t wait to read Prized. 🙂

  • Giada ~
    Thank you!
    All best,

  • Congrats on a writing such a wonderful book. Just finished reading it, and not knowing it was the first of a trilogy, was immediately disappointed in the ending. However, after reading online that a second book is coming soon (Prized), the emotion has changed from frustration to anticipation. I have sent your book onto other family members to read, which in my opinion, is the best complement I can give.

    Thanks for sharing your talents. It was wonderful getting to know Gaia, and I look forward to reading about her adventures in the Dead Forest!

  • Tom M ~
    How nice of you. I so appreciate your kind words. I know exactly what you mean about passing along a book to family, so I’m very touched.
    As for that ending, I had a lot of fun coming up with it. Some stories lend themselves to closure better than others, and even if I weren’t writing a trilogy, I’d have been tempted to end it this way. As it is, I’m loving having a bigger arc to play with, too.
    I hope you’ll enjoy the continuation.
    All best,

  • I just started reading birthmarked last night, and I just finished it a couple minutes ago and hopped right online to see when the next one was coming out. I love this book so much, and absolutely cannot wait for the next one to come out! You are such a great author, and I’m so glad I found your work. 🙂

  • Samantha ~
    How kind of you! It looks like Prized will be released on November 8th, which is still some time from now. We’re running giveaways of review copies on Goodreads from time to time leading up to the release, so you might take a chance there. I hope you’ll enjoy the continuation of Gaia’s story. I loved working on it.
    All best,

  • I just finished reading Prized and I realise how lucky I am because I couldn’t wait November as I read the first one. I am French and I had to read it in english, it wasn’t easy (I’m 16) but the way you write made me always want to read more. The characters seems so realistic. I have to say that I wanted to know so much more that I could read all night.
    I really love your books and it will be hard to wait 2012 to read the third book.

    I apologize for my bad english 🙁 I’m better at reading than writing

  • Lena ~
    I can’t begin to imagine how you found a copy of Prized! How fun. I take it as a great compliment that you wanted to keep reading even at night. I’ve had very little feedback about this novel, so I’m glad to hear it worked for you. Your English, incidentally, is quite fine. Meilleur, bien sûr, que mon français.

  • I made an internship at Mango Editions where your book is published in French so I ask them if they had “Prized” and they lent it to me. I am aware of copyright so I read it just for myself and give it back to them as I finished it.
    I’m glad that you read carefully my opinion on your book which is really great to my mind 🙂

  • Lena ~
    Ah! Mystery solved. >smile< How lucky you are to have an internship at Mango. I adore the team there and suspect you'll have a great time. Thanks again for your kind words. All best, Caragh

  • Those are both lovely! And I’m really looking forward to reading the Extras at the back of the Birthmarked paperback. : )

    Out of curiosity, why Prized doesn’t have a tag line?

  • Heidi ~
    Prized has no tag line because we wanted to let the image convey the message. We already had to put on something about it being in the Birthmarked trilogy, and more text would have cluttered it up.
    I adore simplicity, myself.
    All best,

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