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I'm currently working on a new YA sci fi series with the first book,The Vault of Dreamers, due out September 16, 2014 from Macmillan/Roaring Brook Press.

Chapters 1-5 of The Vault of Dreamers Are Up for Free

VoD1-5The first five chapters of The Vault of Dreamers are up for free for e-readers via Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, Kobo, etc. starting today!

The novel itself is coming out in September, on the 16th to be precise, unless you live in Storrs, CT, where you’ll be able to find it at the UConn Coop Bookstore on Sunday, September 14th at the launch.

What’s it about? Dreams, art, creativity, cameras, trusting your mind, courage, privacy, loyalty, awakenings,… Continue reading

Summer for Real

Two boys in silhouette cheer from the stands of a baseball game.

Go, Twins!

I went to a Twins game last week (we lost) and I’ve had a reunion with my family at the lake (complete with s’mores), so it officially feels like summer. I’m home again with mosquito bites, photos, and memories galore. Taking a little time away from my writing work to reconnect with people I love was a real pleasure, and I want to savor it.

The Eye Behind the Cover

Elizabeth Clark, Caragh O'Brien, and Kate Jacobs in Beth's office, July 8, 2014

Elizabeth Clark, Caragh O’Brien, and Kate Jacobs in Beth’s office, July 8, 2014

Covers matter, obviously. A good one catches people’s attention, intrigues them enough to take a closer look, and then lures them inside. Getting it right takes knowing the novel, of course, but it also involves a bit of mind reading. Who are the likely readers for this book? Maybe they’re drawn to covers featuring a girl in a flowing dress, or a simple, iconic image. Maybe they… Continue reading

Writing for a Deadline vs. Not

A sunny bay through the trees.

The view from my window for the next week.

I met Kate Jacobs twice in passing before she became my editor, but I only met her for real as my editor a week ago when I was out in Las Vegas for ALA. She’s a warm, fabulous person, and we had a lovely long talk together face to face. She asked at one point if she could do anything to help me with the first draft I’m writing for Vault… Continue reading

The Librarians and One Reader

1. My first public library librarian in St. Paul, Minnesota handed me A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett, and whenever I went back to the library, I would start by finding that book on the shelf, my familiar cornerstone.

Two people study near windows at the Uconn Library.

The UConn Library

2. When my middle school librarian urged me to browse, I discovered two things: George MacDonald’s The Light Princess and that I could find good books myself.

3. My high school librarian showed me how… Continue reading

On the Tender Care of Early Ideas

TurtleHow’s your writing coming?

Oh, just fine, more or less, in a savage kind of way.

I know it doesn’t make much sense to talk about writing the sequel to The Vault of Dreamers when the first book isn’t even published yet, but such is the timetable of publishing that I am now writing the first draft of Book 2, and it reminds me so much of the first draft of Book 1 that I’ll use that as my excuse… Continue reading

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Upcoming Events

September 14, 2014: We'll have a launch for The Vault of Dreamers at the UConn Coop Bookstore, Royce Circle, Storrs, CT on Sunday, September 14th. Time TBD.

October 3, 2014: Tui Sutherland, Dayna Lorentz, Kristin Cashore, and I will appear jointly at Northshire Books in Manchester, VT on Friday, October 3rd at 4:00 pm.

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