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Insane About BooksA Dream WithinThe Vault of Dreamers Blog Tour, Jean Book Nerd Version has taken me to two more great sites that are all about the books.  Yesterday’s visit included an excerpt and an enthusiastic review from Michele at Insane About Books, and today’s features an eclectic Top 10 list and another cool review from Stephanie at the appropriately named A Dream Within A Dream.  Check out these fabulous bloggers!

Creating a Book Playlist

VAULT_OF_DREAMERS_Tour_BannerWhen Laura from Once Upon a Twilight invited me to create a playlist for The Vault of Dreamers, I was psyched.  In fact, I had one nearly complete.  I listen to Pandora and Grooveshark often when I work, and back when I first began drafting Rosie’s story, I opened a new list on Grooveshark specifically for songs that connected me to the novel.  

PianoMost often the  songs matched a mood from the novel, or a theme or character.  “Out Here On My Own” by Irene Cara, for… Continue reading

The Vault of Dreamers Blog Tour, Jean Book Nerd Version

VAULT_OF_DREAMERS_Tour_BannerWhen Jean Vallesteros, AKA Jean Book Nerd, enthusiastically offered to organize a blog tour for me, I was floored. Jean is among the nicest bloggers I know, and we’ve been friends since she welcomed me to her book nerd community a couple years ago. She epitomizes the generous, warm, insightful blogger who brings people together around a passion for reading. In the case of this blog tour, she rallied up thirteen (!) more bloggers and coordinated a great mix of reviews, blog topics, and giveaways. While the blog tour… Continue reading

Celebrating Kids and Books at the CT Children’s Book Fair

CT Children's Book Fair, 2014, Storrs, CT

Readers, writers, illustrators, kids, and grown-ups turn out for the CT Children’s Book Fair, 2014, Storrs, CT

The 23rd CT Children’s Book Fair was great fun this weekend. I felt honored to be included, and it was wonderful to meet up with readers and fellow writers and illustrators. Suzy Staubach and Terri Goldich did a fabulous job organizing the two-day event, and over a thousand people came to celebrate kids and books. Wherever you have children, you’re sure to have unpredictable fun, and aside from the scheduled presentations, signings, and… Continue reading

Unknown Girl

foggy bathroom mirror

Mirror Mind

Part of the trouble with writing a new book involves unlayering a new side of yourself, a thinking you’ve never tried. These characters haven’t existed before in this way, for this book, and the sole place to look them up is inside, in the foggy places.

For me, it’s like meeting an unknown version of myself and gradually becoming her. My Vault 2 people are back there in my mind. I saw their exterior actions and speeches when they showed up in the first draft, but now as… Continue reading

Where Does the Writing Come From?

Sky mirror 2bWhen I listen to Itzhak Perlman’s violin in the Theme from Schindler’s List, it reaches a wordfree place inside me that resonates and curls around the melody. It brings me a kind of hovering freedom that hurts. The plodding and soaring notes take me wide, across time to other people, and simultaneously, they bring me into myself, solitary.

Readers often ask me how I get inspired to write, as in, where did you get the inspiration to write Birthmarked? I have an answer for that which covers… Continue reading

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