A Word on Rutkoski’s The Winner’s Trilogy

Ussie of Marie and Caragh.

Ussie of Marie and Caragh.

When I try to pick one favorite thing about Marie Rutkoski’s Winner’s trilogy, it’s impossible for me to separate the novels from my friendship with the author. I feel like the world she has created comes to me in her thoughtful, precise voice, which I hear clearly from beside me, as if we were sharing another panel. She’s the only one I’ve ever known who says “Pyrrhic victory” in conversation, and though this may say something about the company I keep, I think it says… Continue reading

Writing Risks

Flowers3A conversation with my editor opened up my novel again, so I’m playing with ideas and first-drafting new scenes once more. It feels like I’m stepping into a wobbly canoe that might get sucked towards a waterfall. Part of me longs to stay on shore where I can tinker with other sections of the novel that are further along, but I can’t have a whole book until I manage these plot holes properly.

All writing feels risky, but sometimes it’s hard to tell if the risk is based on the true… Continue reading

Embracing Winter

One of my favorite concept movies is Groundhog Day, when Bill Murray keeps waking up in the same day, over and over. He starts out as a jerk and gradually practices becoming nicer and more genuine as the days repeat. He saves people and learns to play the piano, improving himself until finally the spell is broken.

It's snowing again.

It’s snowing again.

This winter has a similar feel, with repeating days of snow and routine that are hard to distinguish, one from the next. When I glance up out of my… Continue reading

Ice Dam Season



Snow and ice removal guys are working on my roof. I know a lot more about ice dams and ceiling leaks now than I did a couple weeks ago, and I fear I have more education in my future.

It’s tempting to put an ice dam in my novel. Where is that novel, anyway? The one about the writer who works at home and has people banging on her roof? She’s the sort who gets up in the middle of the night to check the pots under the drips.… Continue reading

Harper Lee Rocks

37449The news of Harper Lee’s new release makes me happy for more reasons than I can count, but here are my 5 biggest:

 1. Guts. Reversing half a century of staunch refusal to publish a second novel, Harper Lee is embracing a whole new world by publishing Go Set A Watchman. I find it fascinating to ponder why she’s doing it now, for a manuscript she wrote decades ago. I applaud her courage in allowing new scrutiny of her work, and I’m so excited to read her new novel. What… Continue reading

A Blizzard, a Q&A, and Revising

SnowPath1.27.15Maybe it’s because of my Minnesotan roots, or because we don’t get huge snowfalls too often in Connecticut, but I like shoveling. Give me a big, two-foot dumping of snow and a decent shovel, and I’m at it. I’m a machine, a mole, a survivor. I like separating off the top layer in one stroke, and the crunchy, digging noise of scraping sidewalk with the second stroke. I like throwing the white stuff in piles that grow ridiculously high and impressing myself with how strong and industrious I am.

When… Continue reading

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