Mirror Worlds

"Mirror Labyrinth" by Jeppe Hein in Brooklyn Bridge Park, May 31, 2015

“Mirror Labyrinth” by Jeppe Hein in Brooklyn Bridge Park, May 31, 2015

I’ve been intrigued by the land in the mirror ever since I was a kid and met my friend in the glass. She was always waiting, the silent, trapped version of me on the other side. She only appeared when I came looking and never moved without me. She would look me in the eye no matter how closely I approached and never showed me the back of her head.

So when I began writing The Rule of Mirrors, even before I had the title, I was ready to play with the idea of a mirror character. After yet another intense round of revision, I sent the latest draft of my novel to my editor this morning, and frankly, I’m beat. I feel, once again, like I’ve taken on a project that’s bigger than I can handle. As my mind keeps working over the loose ends I still haven’t resolved, I’m gazing into a reflecting pool where the creatures below the surface are more majestic and mysterious than ones I’ve ever known here safely on land.

And I wonder: isn’t a novel, in a way, a reflection of its writer? Or better still, a reflection of the world we live in? I’m simply creating a new mirror, and a new world on the other side, but the answers to that world’s problems must exist on my side, if only I can touch the right tools.


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