Back to School: Unknowns Ahead

When I was little, my dad often drove me to school, and as he pulled up to the curb and reached across to open my door for me, he’d say, “Sock it to ‘em.”

Nice, Dad.

Belongings are packed in the back of a moving truck.It was great advice, considering I was a sensitive, dreamy tot who could barely juggle my books and my gym shoes without toppling over. I loved school, but that didn’t stop me from getting anxious every morning. The first day of school was the worst. At a gut level, I felt a deep betrayal at leaving my carefree summer days of books, forts, bikes and family for unknown peers and teacher expectations. The doors to the Convent of the Visitation School looked impossibly huge and foreign, mostly because I didn’t know what could happen behind them.

But my dad made me feel confident, like we all knew school was a thinly disguised battle and I would get through it by channeling my power and attacking first.  I just had to put up my dukes.

I feel it again, Transition with a big T. I don’t have to be in school to sense it. I have a kid who just returned to college, another who just moved to a new apartment, and a third who starts a new job today, so upheaval is all around me in my family. I feel it with my work life, too. I’m busy writing Vault 2, but I’m also aware that the first book, The Vault of Dreamers, comes out in two weeks. That means my launch and the Fierce Reads Tour are right around the corner.

Unknowns lie ahead, and a little anxiety is only natural, but I don’t have to fear them. Change is good. It’s where we grow.

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