Keeping It Real

I’m a writer, meaning I write every weekday and sometimes on weekends. I work on novels which tend to take a while to create. My latest first draft took 5 months to write, but before that, it took decades to figure out how to write a book. And will I ever publish my latest one? I don’t know. That doesn’t really matter.

Here’s what I want to say. I’m just one writer, and my truth may not apply to anyone else, but I’m going to keep on writing novels. I… Continue reading

Blank Page

We love a blank page, actually.
All that possibility can go
anywhere forward or back.
I once drank spiders under
the porch or they drank me.
Sandbox sunshine glittered far
from the school bullies.
My aunt’s willow tree hide-away
down by the stream was a house
I could not see from a distance
and did not care to visit. We
bring our childhoods with us
if we’re lucky or not, and fingers
that once learned to play
scales now type softly to
tinnitus in one ear.

Limbo Season

Most days, time does what you expect. It goes by in a predictable way, and you can count on it to link up with a pattern of meals and work and sleeping. Then we hit holidays with the family and all the sudden you’re up to watch Spidey at dawn or assembling a Cozy Coupe in the basement during dinner prep. A moment of a toddler calling “Nonna Nonna Nonna!” expands to fill a lifetime, and a big guy with an axe splits wood that flies across freezing air toward… Continue reading

Lucky Pumpkin

Girl in black with cat, pumpkin, and glowing moonDuring a lovely visit with family this weekend, I had a chance to draw with my granddaughter. Usually she does her own artwork, but this time she dictated what I should draw for her, and then she added the pumpkin lines. Sweet, no? I love a gentle, bit-by-bit collaboration.

Weekends make me feel lucky. Time with family does, too. Writing has its challenges, but it usually allows me a healthy balance of work and life. When I dream, drive, chat with people I care about, take walks, do puzzles, and… Continue reading

Milestones and Priorities

green hillside with cloudsI just finished a milestone revision of my latest novel, and it feels amazing. To stretch my limbs and mark the moment, I took a walk up a sunny hill and honestly, I feel so good. Revising line-by-line is my absolute favorite part of the writing process, and when I get the words right, the ideas sing in my mind.

I’m also fried. Ha! And my to-do list is long.

I’m so thankful for this work and the people who support me. Yes, the world is wild and terrifying right… Continue reading

Sunny July Days, Sweet and Dangerous

In mid-July, while visiting family in Minnesota, I had the pleasure of attending a baseball game with my sister’s family and hanging out in the section at the end of the third baseline. Baseball is the best. The Mud Hens were hitting virtually every pitch, and the score was 8 to 1 by the time of the seventh inning stretch. Did I care that the Saints were losing? Not at all.

At one point, a little girl dropped off the top of the wall before us, and a player ran… Continue reading

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Ari & Milo, my serial novel, is now up on Wattpad! I drew illustrations to go with each chapter, and best of all, it’s free! Because of problematic themes, this novel is for mature readers age 17+.

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