Kicking Back

Friday evenings are always sweet, aren’t they?  My son is watching League of Legends next to me on the couch, I’m back from visiting a poet friend and her writer husband, my husband’s cooking dinner, and the evening stretches wild and free before us into a long weekend.  We even have the windows open to an unseasonably warm October breeze.

For my final stop on the Promised Blog Tour, I’m talking with Bailey at IB Book Blogging. Her important questions cover the zombie apocalypse and what else might be fun to read, presumably after we’ve vanquished the zombies.  Thanks again to all the great bloggers who’ve had me by for the tour!

4 Responses to Kicking Back

  • I tell you, there is nothing quite like a weekend that promises uninterrupted time with ones kids/ family.

  • Weekends with family are lovely aren’t they?! Especially together in the same room (dogs, too!) watching college football and I’m sneaking peeks at the game while finishing the last 30 pages of “Promised”. Sigh. Thanks for a great story…

  • Brooke ~ So true.
    Lisa ~ Sounds like heaven. We had four of us piled in the same room yesterday, too, with books and computers, while heavenly dinner scents came from the kitchen.
    All best,

  • I finished Promised! First of all thank you for writing such a fun and amazing series! I truly enjoyed the last book, I thought it was a perfect ending. I teared up in some parts, laughed in others. Well done Caragh!

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