the vault of dreamers

Soon! A Launch for The Vault of Dreamers, Sunday, Sept. 14th

Suzy Staubach and the team at the UConn Co-op Bookstore are hosting the launch of The Vault of Dreamers this Sunday, September 14, at 3:00.  Come on by!  Rumor has it, cupcakes will be served.

Caragh O'Brien and Suzy Staubach at the UConn Co-op

Caragh O’Brien and Suzy Staubach at the UConn Co-op

I have a special relationship with the Co-op.  I first met Suzy 20 years ago when I moved to the area and came into the bookstore with my kids so they could crawl into the little red barn.  We bought our first… Continue reading

The Vault of Dreamers Blog Tour Starts Now!

VaultDreams BlogTour BannerStarting today, I’m heading off on a blog tour for The Vault of Dreamers, stopping to visit a dozen different bloggers who have welcomed me for interviews and guest posts. I’m so grateful to them for their hospitality and their thought-provoking questions. They’ve deftly skirted spoilers, and they’ve covered ideas from points of view and love interests to art. I’m thrilled that my first stop today is with Kate (of Ex Libris), whom I loved meeting when I was in Houston last year.

Caragh with Kate of Ex Libris, Houston, 2013

Caragh with Kate of Ex… Continue reading

The Troll is Out

A short green door has a sign reading "Troll House. Troll is in."

Troll is in.

We have a troll house in our town. Sometimes the troll is in, and sometimes the troll is out. I happen to think it’s worse when the troll is out, because that means the troll is among us, foraging around, probably hungry.

All these things we imagine–trolls, unicorns, true love–they free us. They give us a chance to reclaim the secret, magical sides of our minds, the ones that awaken through kids’ books or at the edge of sleep. Some people think imagination is a luxury or… Continue reading

A Couple Early Reviews

I don’t normally read reviews of my books because I’m sensitive, but recently my editor sent me one from Publishers Weekly, and another came directly from my niece. You can probably tell which is which.  Spoilers redacted.

Review #1

The Vault of Dreamers

Caragh M. O’Brien. Roaring Brook, $17.99 (432p) ISBN 978-1-59643-938-2

Rosie Sinclair’s one shot at becoming a film director is attending the Forge School, so she’s willing to put up with certain oddities. The school broadcasts students’ daily lives as the popular reality program The Forge… Continue reading

Chapters 1-5 of The Vault of Dreamers Are Up for Free

VoD1-5The first five chapters of The Vault of Dreamers are up for free for e-readers via Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, Kobo, etc. starting today!

The novel itself is coming out in September, on the 16th to be precise, unless you live in Storrs, CT, where you’ll be able to find it at the UConn Coop Bookstore on Sunday, September 14th at the launch.

What’s it about? Dreams, art, creativity, cameras, trusting your mind, courage, privacy, loyalty, awakenings, curiosity, fame, power, and evil.  Mmuah-ha-ha-ha.