Gaia’s Voice

Nan Mercado, my editor, asked me the other day how I came up with Gaia’s voice and how I developed it, and I had no idea how to answer her.  What’s strange is that I know Gaia inside and out.  I know her personality, and how she talks, acts, and thinks.  Her belongings have history.  How she perceives her world and how that changes are all part of her, too.  I know her so completely that when I wrote a little story about Gaia at… Continue reading

Gaia at Eleven

(Here’s a bit story about a character from Birthmarked when she was a kid.)

Gaia plugged the last jug with its stopper and tied the handle to the end of her pole.  Once more, she tested the grip of the faucet in the great wall to be certain it was off tightly.  Spilled water had absorbed into the dust already, making it a richer brown, and she messed her bare toes into it for the coolness before she lifted her yoke pole and balanced it over her shoulders.… Continue reading