Prized is Out Today!

My blog tour wraps up today at The Book Muncher, where Rachael and I came up with playlists for Birthmarked and Prized. My daughter contributed some of the songs, too, and I found it interesting to see how different songs evoked the characters, their struggles, the settings, and the themes.  Rachael has the solution for the code, too, which came about because of her suggestion.  Today’s live chat on Goodreads appears to be having technical snags, but we can hope for the best.

My warmest thanks to all the bloggers who had me by to their sites over the last two weeks.  A nicer, smarter, funnier, more thoughtful group would be hard to find, and I loved swapping ideas with you!  Thank you!

From my couch this morning, everything looks the same, but word has it that Prized is out in bookstores today.  I hope readers enjoy the continuation of Gaia’s story!

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  • I have been looking forward to reading Prized. I loved Birthmarked! Do you have any information on the Kindle edition? Neither Amazon nor Macmillan have been able to provide feedback :-(.

  • E ~
    I’m so sorry about the Kindle edition. My editor learned of the problem last night and she’s looking into it this morning. I’ll let you know when I hear more.
    All best,

  • Thank you for the update! I can’t wait to read Prized.

  • Do you have any information yet on the missing Kindle edition? It was available for pre-order a while back, but since release it has not been available for purchase. I had been looking forward to reading this, and I’m very disappointed that I can’t.

    It’s not a matter of choice between a hardcopy and an electronic version for me – poor vision makes reading on my Kindle a necessity rather than a luxury – I either read it in e-format, or I can’t read it at all.
    Best –

  • I also have been trying to purchase Prized on my Kindle but have. Not been able to. Can’t wait to read.

  • Claudia and Karen ~
    My editor’s update to me as of last night (Thursday p.m.) was that we still have no answers from Amazon about a fix. I’m passing along your concerns to my publisher this morning and hopefully we’ll hear something soon.
    I am so sorry for this setback. I’m embarrassed that my book has become pesky this way.
    All best,

  • It’s available today! I just purchased it. Please don’t be embarrassed, Caragh. It is in no way your fault. I hope Amazon and the Big 5 can work out their differences.

  • E ~
    Thanks for being so understanding, you and the other readers here. I just heard, too, that the Kindle version is live.
    All best,

  • Thanks for giving them what was obviously a much needed push in the right direction!

    Going to go buy it right now – before anybody has a chance to change their mind.

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