Still Here, Still Writing

Dandelions in FluffIf there’s an abiding theme of my blog, it probably has to do with how uneventful a writing life is most of the time. When a book comes out, there’s a bit of a hubbub, but that happens once a year or two. In between times, the work largely involves sitting on a couch with my fingers typing and deleting, sentence by sentence. The milestones are small and marked in tens of pages or small aha!s. Sometimes, after several months, I reach the end of another draft, but that… Continue reading

Spring Light

It’s spring at last in New England, and green is exploding in every direction. Driving, walking, or gazing out my library windows, I see new leaves and fresh color. After half a year of gray, the brilliance brightens the soul.

As for my writing, I’m happy to report that I’m deep into revisions of my new YA novel and it, too, is blooming. This morning, I’m working on a tricky piece of dialogue, and discovering how my characters cause each other to question how their upbringings have limited their perspectives.… Continue reading

To Alex, the Angel of the Larpenter Avenue Exit

Alex the Angel

I cannot thank you enough. When you pulled over to help me dig out my car from the snow at side of the road on Saturday, you were a godsend, and I am eternally grateful for your kindness.

I was in Minnesota for my cousin’s wedding and driving from the ceremony in White Bear to the reception in downtown St. Paul with my elderly, fragile mother in the passenger seat when the worst of the April 14th blizzard hit. The roads were practically obliterated under ever-deepening snow.… Continue reading

Writing Is Like Spring

Spring is a season of setbacks and waiting, with snow still arriving in April and trees barely budding, no matter how often we look to them, expecting more. Yet, like with writing, the days add up, and inevitably we’ll have to reach true warm weather and the familiar explosion of green.

I have, happily, reached the point where I have a complete first draft of my latest novel, and I’m onto revising. Every time that I work, a little more progress adds up, progress that I can actually see by… Continue reading

Various Journals

I first began keeping a journal in seventh grade for an assignment in my Humanities class, and I’ve kept one pretty regularly ever since. These days, I have four journals that all serve different purposes.

  1. My nightly journal is a paper Sierra Club weekly calendar with fairly small spaces, just enough to write five lines of prose in small script. I use it to reflect back on the events of the day and any highlights. It gives me a sense of completion and personal significance, like my day mattered to… Continue reading

A Bit of Honesty about the Uncertain Path

Let me share a little secret with you. I don’t always know what I’m doing. I lack reliable systems for writing a novel or growing as an artist or taking my work to the next level. A proper path, pattern or school doesn’t exist for writers like me. I’m stuck with training myself.

What I do is get up each morning and keep working, and sometimes, it really doesn’t get me anywhere. I recently abandoned a novel I’d been working on for half a year because I simply could not… Continue reading

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