memorial day

Memorial Day 2020

This Memorial Day, I’m remembering my Uncle Richard Walsh, an Air Force Colonel who gave his life rescuing a downed pilot during the Vietnam War. I knew him as a fun and energetic uncle who caught me up in his arms when I was a girl. I also remember when he went missing, and I know how our extended family feels his loss to this day. My Aunt Sharon is a hero in her own right for surviving on without him and raising their five kids with heart and… Continue reading

Memorial Day 2017

Memorial Day 2017

I remember and honor my uncle, Col. Richard Ambrose Walsh, III, who died while serving in the Air Force in Laos, and I’m thankful to all other Americans who have lost their lives in our military. Such bravery defies words and commands my unfailing gratitude. Until the day we have lasting world peace, we depend on people of principle to stand together against cruelty and injustice. I am humbled by the sacrifices that are made on behalf of us civilians, and I strive to be worthy of such generosity.

Happy Memorial Day

IMG_6897Today I’m recalling my father Thomond R. O’Brien, Sr. who served honorably as a cryptanalyst in the United States Army. He suffered hearing loss during his training, decoded Polish messages while working in Frankfurt, Germany in the 1950’s, and carried his service card in his wallet until the day he died.  

Thank you to all our veterans and active military personnel who are now serving our country.