Book Promotion for the Long Haul

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 9.48.13 AMI was talking to a writer friend yesterday about art, our writing careers, book promotion, and how they’re related. Of these, promotion remains the wildest mystery. My first thought was that I don’t do much promotion because I don’t understand how it works. My feeling is that my publicist at Macmillan is the expert, and the success of my books is largely in her hands.

Then I realized I actually do quite a bit of promotion in my own, laid-back way. I just don’t much notice my efforts because… Continue reading

B-Fest: A Nationwide Book Fest for Teens

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 2.15.15 PMBarnes & Noble is hosting a huge teen book festival this weekend, June 10-12, with games, trivia parties, giveaways, author panels, writing workshops, cosplay, spelling contests, and bookish prizes. Tons of YA authors are showing up to be part of the B-Fest fun, and the events are free for everyone. Check out B-Fest Events at a B&N store near you and drop in to be part of the story.

I’m doubly involved with B-Fest. First, Friday evening, I’ll be joining fellow Connecticut writer Emily Bain Murphy (whose debut… Continue reading