BEA Recap: A Great Trip!

Signing at BEA 2014

Signing at BEA 2014

I smile when I think about my trip to New York for BEA last week. All went well, and I met so many nice book people. When I was back in the green room before the signing, munching a peppermint candy and admitting I’d neglected to bring a pen, one of the Macmillan staff showed me a picture she’d just snapped of people lined up to get a signed copy of The Vault of Dreamers, and I was stunned. The line was long, as in,… Continue reading

The Writer-Blogger Connection

A year and a half ago, people who wrote blogs about books seemed mysterious, organized, technologically savvy, funny, creative, opinionated, and distant to me.  I was surprised and grateful when any of them reviewed my novel positively, and I learned quickly to stop reading when a review was meh because it stung.  As a few bloggers began to contact me about interviews and as I emailed a handful to thank them for their kind words, I discovered some incredibly nice, generous people who love books as much as… Continue reading