Becca the Highland Cow

Becca the Highland Cow (c) Becca Hart 2011

And now for an inspiring photo by my talented niece, Becca Hart. Thanks for the laugh, darlin’.

Porch Meeting: Bonnie at Fifteen

The following is a bit story about characters from the world of Birthmarked.

The field laborers were collecting their lunch buckets and heading home when Bonnie Orion came up out of the unlake.  She slowed to watch how the late afternoon light washed the men and women in anonymous orange, aging them into indistinguishable silhouettes, until the road fed up against the first houses of Wharfton, and with the changing angle of light, they transformed into unique, tired individuals.

She wasn’t particularly surprised when Theo Rupp veered out… Continue reading

Behind the Scenes: From Copyedits to First Pass Pages

After I finished going through the copyedits of Prized, I emailed the manuscript back to my editor Nancy Mercado at Roaring Brook in mid-December.  The next step was a series of emails we had in early January, when Nan checked back with me about a few of my changes and other things she’d noticed, like whether a character would be called by his first or last name in a particular line of dialogue.  Here’s another example, with my reply in italics:

Pg 153 “She might be too… Continue reading

Note to Self: Keep Going

The Uninspiring View

The view from my couch is not inspiring.  It’s raining on top of several feet of old snow out there.  I dropped off the car for new tires before Rini’s garage opened and walked home in the rain, over ice, falling once.  So far today, I’ve revised one page of Book 3, and I can already tell: it’s going to be work this morning.  Looking at glamour photos from the Oscars last night is not going to help, nor will going to dig… Continue reading

To Love, Cherish, and Critique?

I asked my published writer friends if they show their writing to their spouses or loved ones, and out of twelve writers, five of us only rarely, if ever, show our work to our spouses, and seven of us regularly do.  A few of us show our spouses our writing every day and depend upon their feedback as an integral part of the writing process.

Showing your writing to anybody always involves trust, and when you show it to someone you respect and love enough to be your life… Continue reading

Facebook, Amigas, and a Foreign Rights Deal

Thanks to the Internet, I’ve become friends with Eva Rubio, a university student in Salamanca, Spain, who blogged enthusiastically about Birthmarked last summer.  Eva was determined for Birthmarked to be translated into Spanish, so she and her friend Rocío Muñoz started a Facebook page aptly named Queremos que Birthmarked de Caragh M. O’Brien sea publicado en España and started collecting followers.  I thought they were unbelievably nice, but I didn’t hold out much hope.

When my family made plans to visit Salamanca last summer, Eva and I… Continue reading

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