Cookies to Bake

img_7551We have cookies to bake,
children to raise,
books to write.

We have leaves to rake,
neighborhood meeting minutes to type up,
homework to do.

We have parents to call,
dogs to walk,
bills to pay.

We have gifts to make,
devices to invent,
bones to set.

We have friends
who will suffer
and who won’t see
it coming.

We have new ways 
to learn
for our tribe.

We have cookies to bake,
children to raise,
books to write.

My House is Quiet

Autumn in New England

Autumn in New England

My house is so quiet, my ears feel empty. The click of my keyboard is the loudest sound, and when I stop to idly scratch my face, the brushing sound of my sleeve is followed by the fainter brushing of my fingertip against my cheek. It’s a deep and steady quiet, made for concentrating.

I’m happy to be writing. Have I said that lately? Some days, I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have this work.

Otherworldly Other Worlds

The Apple Portal

The Apple Portal

A young writer asked me the other day why I liked to write, and I told her I liked the ability to slip into another world whenever I wanted. I can be in a room at a table with half a dozen other people, and as soon as I set my pen to my paper, I’m gone to somewhere else entirely. The writing of the words pulls me away from the present and into my mind and out some back door to a deeper, different, wilder place… Continue reading

Eyes to the Stars

porchviewWhen I was a kid, my father liked to take my siblings and me up to the roof to look at the stars. I well remember how scary it was to climb the ladder and the awful, pivotal moment at the top when I had to step around the ladder onto the roof itself. For an instant, my weight would hover above a drop of dark air, the crickets would crescendo, and fear would suck the breath out of me.

It was worth it, though, once I reached the flat,… Continue reading


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