Dream Season

Every night lately, I wake from dreams. In one, I flew over a cliff of falling water as wide as half a planet. Once a lady with a red lantern floated up with a silver balloon into an evening sky of planes and missed her ride. Last night, I sank in a collapsing hole of sand before strangers pulled me free.

The dreams linger into my daylight and hover at the edge of my imagination as if expecting me to do something with them. I have no idea what that… Continue reading

Snow Day

After the wind blew snow sideways past our windows all day yesterday, we have clean white drifts today. I’m shoveling in spurts, sipping cocoa, and thankful for a warm furnace.

Working at home feels different when I know other people have snow day vacations from school and normal jobs. On one hand, I like sensing that other people are in the houses in my neighborhood even if I don’t see them or call them up, like we’re all hunkered down together. On the other hand, I feel like I deserve… Continue reading

Writing Over the Holidays

Holidays are great. I love the extra time with family, the colorful lights, the music, and the good food. The fun certainly involves a change in routine. Some people who have vacation over the holidays hope to work more on their novels, while conversely, people who write for a living might find their normal work time gets squeezed. In the past, I’ve had major deadlines of January 1st, and the mix of writing pressure and fear of disappointing my family has been grueling. Even without a major deadline, finding a… Continue reading

Giving Tuesday

Many non-profits invite donors to make contributions today on Giving Tuesday. The concept is a response to the commercial aspects of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and I welcome the focus on charity and generosity. What can be kinder than giving to people you don’t even know?

When many of us pitch in, donations don’t need to be big to have a huge impact. Beyond the likely recipients of former schools and holiday funds, here a few of my favorite non-profits, from far-reaching to local.

Global Greengrants Fund ~ With… Continue reading

Minimal Prep for Thanksgiving

These seats look ready for a party.

When I was a kid, holidays were a big deal. Thanksgiving meant family cramming in around the tables, buffets heaped with food, a gravy boat, homemade cranberry sauce, and patent leather shoes. I loved the running around, the jolly games, the climbing under the table, the singing around the piano, and the desserts with whipped cream out of can. Sometimes, I’d get to light the candles and I’d feel magically important.

As I aged into a teenager, it was my job to help… Continue reading

Meeting Readers Near and Far

Cammie McGovern, Caragh M. O’Brien, Clifford, Carol Weston, and Eric Morse at the CT Children’s Book Fair, November 4, 2017.

Meeting readers is such a pleasure! I’ve had ample opportunities to do so lately, and I keep smiling about it. The CT Children’s Book Fair last Saturday, November 4th, was jolly and fun. I enjoyed showing drafts of the map for The Keep of Ages when little readers pointed out the changes they saw. It was also great to catch up with my friend Cammie McGovern, and meet… Continue reading

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